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  • Basic Specs

    Mounting Depth: 

    Cutout Diameter: 

    overall height: 

    2 layer, red linear spider with sewn triple leads

    4 layer 3" flat wound aluminum voice coil

    29mm one way xmax (70% BL)

    RMS power: 1500W

    Weight: 35 lbs

  • T/S parameters

      D1 Paper D2 Paper D1 Composite D2 Composite
    Fs (hz)     43.1  
    Qts     0.726  
    Qes     0.858  
    Qms     4.717  
    Vas (L)     56.431  
    Cms (mm/N)     0.051  
    Rms (kg/s)     51  
    Re (ohms)     2.138  
    Sd (m^2)     0.089  
    Le (mH, 1khz)     1.936  
    BL (N/amp)     13.47  
    Mms (g)     269  
    Xmax (mm @70%BL)     29  
    SPL (dB @ 1W/1m)     89.1  


  • Box Recommendations

    recommended enclosure volume:

    2.5 cu. ft.

    port area:

    38 sq. in



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    Updated review from a few days ago

    Posted by James Middleton on Dec 28th 2019

    So in my last review I went over the quality issue with my sub and was waiting on Hutchinson to reply to my email. Well I decided to send a message on Facebook messenger and got a reply the same day, they could not find my email so no big deal he responded on messenger. The verdict is; just let it ride and it shouldn’t cause any issues, apologized for it being that way and said it I did have problems in the future they would help me out with it. So I now have my 5 star review even though I have not powered it yet, I know it’s going to sound great and work because they do test before shipping. I will be adding a plex window to show this sub off after it’s in the enclosure. And by the way short of any part I may need in a pinch everything for this current install has been purchased from D4S, even had an issue with the wrong battery being sent and JP made it right no questions asked within 15 minutes of me emailing him. I’m also the most aggravating person ordering a lot of stuff like this and they put up with me until I received everything in.

  • 3
    Very nice, but..................?

    Posted by james middleton on Dec 26th 2019

    So I’ll start out by saying my attraction to this sub was; it’s neo, price, overall design/looks, carbon dust cap, stitched surround, pretty much all the good stuff, oh yeah, being able to push it with less wattage than other neo and large ferrite subs. I mean a 15” neo for under $600 that’s just not something to pass up because I believe in the future the prices will go up after demand increase and notability in the industry, even though the other models are up there in price. Now to my 3 star rating at this point and full disclosure, I have to powered this sub yet and anticipate it will work, but here comes the “but”. So, I unboxed this thing after it’s been in for a week while I was on a cruise, you can bet I was in a hurry to get home, lol. I’m admiring this beauty and after 10-15 minutes I notice a small spot between the surround and gasket that’s a hole and it’s right at the screw hole so I’m thinking it’s just a bit bigger and I’m slightly alarmed. Then after taking a few pics and looking them over I could see on the over head shot the surround does NOT look round, uh oh !! I verify this after judging the space between the surround and gasket that in fact it has more space about 1 1/2”-2” long with normal gap maybe 1/4” and this 5/16” with the screw hole being in the center of this “flat” spot, not exactly flat but it is hard to describe. You can also feel the difference underneath where the surround glues to the basket it’s bumped out in this area, but no pic would show it. I proceeded to take pictures that illustrated the issue best I could, emailed to Hutchinson on December 22nd and currently awaiting a response. My concern is not if it will play rather will it remain linear and would not want to power it if I don’t know how it will effect the subs performance and life span. I will write another review or edit this one when the resolution or answer has been told to me. I did not bother JP with this issue as it’s a quality control problem from Hutchinson so I’m thinking they can swap it out, tell me it’s fine, or offer a recone if they aren’t sure and it does in fact kill it somehow. And I know JP could offer an opinion or even one of you reading this review, but since I have not powered it at all I want to hear from Hutchinson first and move with their recommendation. I would hope this does not rain on someone else’s decision to purchase as I’m sure this is very very rare occasion, from what I understand parts are all hand made and assembled in the USA and quality is very high. Yet I felt the need to share this review if nothing else to show how they handle customer issues like this. And again this is not to have any reflection on D4S, strictly between Hutchinson Audio and myself. With it being the holidays I don’t expect a response until end of next week or the week following after the 1st so until then I will not let the time passed effect my rating. Thanks for reading and long as this review is appropriate I guess you will see it once D4S approves it. P.S. The basket is more like a Sundown Audio basket with more cooling that what is pictured in the thumbnail I guess those were maybe earlier prototypes. You can check out JP’s product showing on YouTube to get a better look at the new style.