Deaf Bonce Apocalypse DB-3512R - 3500W RMS 12 inch Subwoofer 1OHM

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DB-3512R D1
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ModelDB-3512 D1
Type Subwoofer
Size 12 inch
Voice coil size 3.50 inch
Cone Carbon
Magnet Ferrite
Voice coil wire None
Surround Foam
RMS Power 3500 W
MAX Power 7000 W
Frame Alu
Impedance 2+2 / 1+1 Ohm
SPL 86.80 / 86.80 dB
Fs 32.50 / 32.50 Hz
Qts 0.39 / 0.39
BL 24.80 / 24.80
Vas 28.90 / 28.90 L
Xmeh 45.00 45.00 / 45.00 mm
Xmax 22.50 / 22.50 mm
Mounting depth 9.6 inch (244.0 mm)
Cut-out dimension 11.18 inch (284.0 mm)
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3 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by HillbillyBasshead on Aug 29, 2022

    I bought 2of these but only have one hooked up currently. Got it on Bass5k at.5 ohms. Read 4800 watts on the meter and hit 144DB just playing around breaking it in. I honestly can't believe one 12can hit this hard and I've had a lot of people surprised at howy car flexes from just the one. 100% worth the money. Just be careful on installing because they're a tight fit and you cannot make the opening and bigger because the screws won't have any wood to grab

  • 5

    Posted by James Merricks on Aug 27, 2022

    Currently I have 2 of these but only one installed in a single 12 enclosure. Got a taramps bass5k at.5ohm clamping 4800watts and this sub takes it like a champ. Only time I've ever smelled it heating up is when I clipped it accidentally but since I adjusted my amp I can bass for hours on a drive to beach and be all good. These subs are absolutely AMAZING!!

  • 4
    Deaf bounce AP DB-3512 D1

    Posted by William Smith on Nov 22, 2020

    Purchased a pair of the DB-3512s as well as two sundown sfb 5ks. Subs sound amazing but are extremely power hungry. 3k rms my ass more like 13k rms

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