Down4Sound JP23 - 2300W RMS Amplifier

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JP 23 AMP: 2300W RMS MONOBLOCK Amplifier

The JP23 might be the most overdone, 2300 watt amplifier ever to hit the market. R&D in Las Vegas, NV & Dunnellon FL with the brightest minds historically in-car audio dating back to the late '90s thru the 2000s AND TODAY. We took the old school approach of building a quality amplifier, heavy heatsink, and quality hardware. Then we applied what our basshead clientele wants with technology, durability, and features for both competition and daily use.  

Inside the JP23 is a fan cooling the output side; and Bass Knob with voltage and temperature meter.

Amplifier fans turns on at 120 degrees F

The JP23 was born into production; this is Down4sound's 1st amplifier, and each amplifier is serialized for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions.


The warranty doesn't mean we cover it if you hook it up wrong or launch it out a potato launcher or someone dropped it or if your ex comes by and steals it. It also doesn't cover you feeding it the wrong voltage distorting it malfunction, or you submarining it in your vehicle. This Version IS NOT Marine Grade.

There is an Optional half ohm warranty, in the options above, which protects you for .5 ohm hook up for 1 year.

Rated Power Output 2300

RMS power, 1ohm : 2000w @ 12v | 2300 @ 14.4v
RMS power, 2ohms: 1000w @ 12v | 1300 @ 14.4v
RMS power, 4ohms :700w @ 12v 
RMS power, 2ohm Linked: 4900W x 1 14.4v
Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 250 Hz
Low Pass Filter: 35 Hz - 250 Hz
Subsonic Filter: 10 Hz - 50 Hz
Bass Boost: 0 - 9 Db
Input sensitivity: 6V - 0.2V
signal to Noise Ratio: 88dB <
T.H.D @ 4ohm: less than 0.1%
Single unit fuse rating: 200A
Strapped fuse rating 400A
Length (inches) Width x height (inches): 17.71x 7.32 x 2.19
Damping Factor: 100


Amplifier Dyno Sheets: 

Amplifier Dyno Numbers are an Idea of power you'll be getting from the amplifier. The JP23 does above rated above power the two testers; that's a plus; most music is played at about clipping, so the uncertified test numbers are significant as bass tuned setups today are played to about clipping anyways. We highly recommend 14.4v - 14.7 volts to get the most from this amplifier; 14.4 is okay, but if you're trying to JAM 14.8v. Install the JP23 and Hear the music :-) 

Derek at Sundown:



Amp Dyno Results from Big D Wiz:


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  • 5

    Posted by Philip McGreevy on Apr 15th 2021

    I got this amp within a few weeks of being released and had it signed really didn't plan on using it well my friend had issues with his amp and had to send it off for repair so at first I said no then I thought why net put it to the test so I let him borrow it and let me tell you it is slamming 2 10" orion HCCA subs I mean beating them down they sound great for sure under rated amplifier I was really impressed so I'm glad I got to see how good it really is awesome amp for sure happy with purchase for the price I paid...

  • 5
    sounds good

    Posted by Eduardo on Apr 11th 2021


  • 5

    Posted by Jacob bell on Apr 10th 2021

    Another great product from jp and the down4sound crew! If you’re looking for a new sub amp don’t hesitate to get the jp23, awesome amp! As always fast shipping and a quality product!

  • 5
    Love it all

    Posted by Steven Tebow on Apr 10th 2021

    Just the right thing i was looking for and the bass nob is pretty cool

  • 5
    JP 23 and 2 Sundown X V.2 15s

    Posted by Jacob Misuraca on Apr 9th 2021

    Both came within days of order, one box was a little banged up but the product was perfect, no big deal. Also ordered some crescendo 6s and 8s witch came within days as well. Best online service I've ever experienced. The shirts are awesome, bass knob is sick, and can't forget the volt meter. Doing all future car audio shopping with D4S. The 15s are knockin, even in a small box(each sub only getting 3.5 cubes ported), knew box being built at the end of the month is gonna really let em breathe.

  • 5

    Posted by William Ozburn on Apr 7th 2021

    Crazy power but get a fan if you're running at 1/2 ohm

  • 3
    Good amp

    Posted by zach hinson on Apr 6th 2021

    So the reason I’m giving this amp 3 stars is bc of the headache I went through I received this amp hooked it up a 1 iohm and it would send a bad clipping sound to sub so I contacted d4s talked to customer service they first tried telling me it was my sub then they said it was my box then they said it was probably my headunit or my rcas I checked everything and it was good then they said it may be the remote wire not having enough power to power the amp. So I changed it out and it still done the same thing so I borrowed a amp from a friend a skar sk2500 had no issue at all. So after going back and forth emailing and talking over the phone I finally got a shipping label sent the amp back so I contacted jp about the issue same day I sent mine back and I got a call from d4s saying they were sending out my replacement amp. Got my amp in and it works like a dream it’s flexing this my x12 no problem. I like this amp but not my experience with customer service.

  • 5

    Posted by Marcus Minnis on Apr 5th 2021

    Awesome amplifier. Thanks so much Johnathan. arrived before date.will be purchasing more. Keep up the awesome work guys

  • 5

    Posted by Amanda Weaver on Apr 3rd 2021

    Love it just have to work out some kinks in other places of my build but this amp is a perfect fit for me