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The JP8 might be the most overdone, 800 watt amplifier ever to hit the market. R&D in Las Vegas, NV & Dunnellon FL. The Heatsink carries over from the JP23. The blue color takes from the OG days of Down4Sound and Car Audio, we call it OLD SKOOL BLUE.  

Inside the JP8 is a fan cooling the output side; now it has plexi black plate, and Bass Knob with voltage and temperature meter.

  • Internal Fan turns on at 120 degrees F


  • The warranty doesn't mean we cover it if you hook it up wrong or launch it out a potato launcher or someone dropped it or if your ex comes by and steals it. It also doesn't cover you feeding it the wrong voltage distorting it malfunction, or you submarining it in your vehicle. This Version IS NOT Marine Grade.

There is an Optional half ohm warranty, in the options above, which protects you for .5 ohm hook up for 1 year.

Rated Power Output 800+ Watts RMS**

Independent Testing Power Ratings : By Big D Wiz 

  • 4 OHM: 511 Watts RMS at 14.4  Volts
  • 2 OHM: 892 Watts RMS at 14.4 Volts
  • 1 OHM: 1256 Watts RMS at 14.4 Volts

Our Testing Ratings ( We rate our for worst case power output) 

  • RMS power, 1ohm : 700W x 1 @ 12v | 850W x 1 @ 14.4v
  • RMS power, 2ohms: 500W x 1 @ 12v |650W x 1 @ 14.4v
  • RMS power, 4ohms : 490W x 1 @ 12v
  • RMS power, 2ohm Linked: 2300W x 1 - 14.4v

JP8 Tuning Specs:

  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 270 Hz
  • Low Pass Filter: 35 Hz - 250 Hz
  • Subsonic Filter: 10 Hz - 50 Hz
  • Bass Boost: 0 - 9 Db
  • Input sensitivity: 6V - 0.2V
  • signal to Noise Ratio: 97dB <
  • T.H.D @ 4ohm: less than 0.1%
  • Single unit fuse rating: 120A
  • Strapped fuse rating 220A
  • Length (inches) Width x height (inches):11.81" x 7.4"W 2.24" H
  • Damping Factor: 100


4 GA input on Power Wire
8 GA input for Speaker Wire


** amplifier may do more, but wont do less, remember voltage is the key to happiness 


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  • 5
    I love this amp jp8

    Posted by steve simoneaux on May 20th 2022

    I love this amp does more power than it says so if you on a budget pick up this amp you won't be disappointed

  • 5

    Posted by Anonymous on May 15th 2022

    Outputs slightly less at RMS than my SKAR amp, but it looks AND sounds better. This jit SLAP.

  • 5

    Posted by James Smith on May 12th 2022

    Beautiful amp all around! Volt and clip indicator on bass knob is great as well. Got it pushing a 10 inch ct sounds ozone and it's awesome! Highly recommend!

  • 5

    Posted by Luis Raya on May 10th 2022

    A really beautiful amp.

  • 5

    Posted by Luis Raya on May 9th 2022

    This thing is beautiful..

  • 5

    Posted by Les on Apr 29th 2022

    Great deal great power

  • 5
    Tremendous Value

    Posted by Shiver Me Timbers on Apr 26th 2022

    Took advantage of the Black Friday sale. Getting 1000 clean watts into a 1 ohm load for what equates to 17¢ a watt... 17 freaking cents! Beautiful, well built, has features such as Tiffany style RCAs, a feature-rich bass knob and subsonic filter that are rare near this price point. Pushes a 15" sub in a large, sealed enclosure very well - sounds great. Use the supplied bass knob cable; no other CAT 5e patch cords worked for me, even though it's just a straight-through cable. Also, get a sample piece of headlight tint ($3 delivered on eBay) to help tone down the bass knob's ridiculously bright LEDs. If there is a better sub amp for $200 I'd like to know.

  • 5

    Posted by Gene on Apr 22nd 2022

    Bad ass

  • 5
    Clean Bass

    Posted by JT on Apr 19th 2022

    This amp is very high quality and produces very clean bass! The control is great, the LED is a little bright but no big deal. Hands down best amp out there IMO.