Oasis XDT4000 Air Compressor


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Out of the vast selection of air-source units and onboard air systems that we offer, there is one air source system that towers over the rest. The Oasis XDT4000 Industrial Air Source Unit is hands-down the most powerful air source unit that we offer and definitely in a class of its own. This isn't your every-day air source unit. The Oasis XDT4000 Industrial Air Source Unit is trusted to handle the hardest of pneumatic jobs by the most demanding professions around the world, such as the military, state and federal service trucks, as well as AAA and emergency responders. A fully self-contained unit, the Oasis XDT4000 Industrial Air Source Unit comes complete with everything you need pre-wired and pre-plummed, so all you have to do is wire to power and hit the road. Oasis even includes a 200 PSI Air Pressure Regulator plumbed directly into the tank with a 1/4" Quick Disconnect fitting to allow for direct connection from the tank to your coil hose. Utilizing the included 165-200 PSI pressure switch, the Oasis XDT4000 Industrial Air Source Unit will automatically keep the system topped off at 200 PSI as long as it is connected to power.��

Powering this behemoth of a system is the Oasis XD4000 Military-Grade Air Compressor. Mounted on top of the massive 10-gallon tank, the Oasis XD4000 Military-Grade Air Compressor is the most powerful electric-powered mobile air compressor you can find. Even the most powerful compressors on your average onboard air system will have an output of about 2 CFM. Obviously not your average compressor, the Oasis XD4000 Military-Grade Air Compressor gives you an incredible output of 15 CFM and free-flow and stays strong all the way up to 200 PSI. Even without a tank attached, the Oasis XD4000 Military-Grade Air Compressor is powerful enough to run a 1/2 impact wrench straight from the leader hose, with a 10-gallon reservoipporting it, there isn't a pneumatic job out there it cant handle. With a recharge time of 20 PSI to 150 PSI in only 22 seconds, the Oasis XDT4000 Industrial Air Source Unit is always ready to go when you need it.��

With all of this power, how does the Oasis XDT4000 Industrial Air Source Unit keep its cool? Built into the housing shroud, a 100 CFM fan cools the unit while an internal fan also cools the modified 5 hp electric motor. Rocking dual fans makes sure the Oasis XDT4000 Industrial Air Source Unit keeps going strong until the job is done and gives the system a 100% duty cycle even at 200 PSI. When your life or your livelihood depends on having compressed air when you need it, there is no better system to depend on than the Oasis XDT4000 Industrial Air Source Unit.

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  • Heavy Duty Equipment
  • Runs 50 Hour Service Intervals

  • Oasis XD4000 Air Compressor
  • Instruction Manuals
  • 10 Gallon ASME Coded Tank
  • Tank Mounted Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Regulator with Gauge
  • Safety Blow Off Valve
  • Heavy-Duty Check Valve
  • Mobile One Synthetic Oil

    • Part Number:��MC-XD4000
    • Voltage:��12 or 24 Volts DC
    • Max Amperage:��180 @ 12 VDC or 90 @ 24VDC
    • Maximum Pressure:��200��PSI
    • <"disc">
CFM @ 0 PSI:��15 CFM
    • CFM @ 100 PSI:��8 CFM
    • Length:��40��� (1016 mm)
    • "disc">
Width:��10��� (254 mm)
24��� (609.6 mm)
Weight:��110 lb (49.9 Kg)

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