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Sundown Audio SA 12  Dual (2) LOADED VENTED (Ported) ENCLOSURE

Sundown Audio's 1st ever ready to go loaded / preloaded with SA series 12" subwoofers. These are installed and ready to install, no screwing in just install your amplifier, and your ready to go

  • 1 ohm at terminal
  • 2 - Dual 4 ohm 12" Sundown Audio Sa Classic Series (750w rms each) Subwoofers
  • Dual 12" D4S PRoFab Sub Box
  • 2 x Poly Bedliner Coated
  • Made from Canadian MDF
  • Tuned to 32 Hz
  • Built To Bang
  • Built Durable
  • Built To Spec
  • Measurements - L x W x H: 32.5 x 20 x 16 inches

  •  Weight - 120 pounds 


** This product is shipped via freight to ensure your box arrives in one piece. **

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    Sundown Audio SA 12 Dual Loaded Vented Enclosure

    Posted by Tamika on Aug 31st 2021

    Again, Down4Sound, y’all did it again! Amazing team, damn good product! Sounds great in my 2013 GMC Acadia, it’s a great starter system for me paired with the JP23 amplifier.. it packs a punch and is just perfect! Keep it up guys

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    Posted by D. R. on Jun 26th 2021

    So first off, big shout to JP and the Down For Sound crew. On time shipping, everything was packaged on point, came on a pallet, so nothing was thrown around. Now for the setup, I have the JP 23 pushing these, and when I tell you, with the bass knob only a quarter of the way, these things are a beast. Handles the lows like a pro. Definitely happy with my setup.

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    Posted by chris griffor on Apr 1st 2021

    This is honestly the best it will shake the shit out of you and it hits lows like a motherfucker you wouldn’t believe. Worth the $$ imo

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    Problem with customer service

    Posted by Larry Shaw on Mar 31st 2021

    5 STARS for the box and speakers!! They sound great! The problem is with the order! I placed the order on 3/15/21. A few days later I received a message from D4S. So I called them. The representative I spoke with asked if I had a loading dock at my house. Which I don’t and I’m not sure who does. She stated if I wanted the loaded enclosure sent to my house it would cost me $100 for shipping because of the weight. Another option is if I have access to a business with a loading dock around my house they could send it there. The last option is they can send it separately to my house at no charge. This is the option I picked. I have had several systems and can install and wire the subs to 1 ohm, no problem. I specifically asked on the phone call if everything will be shipped to include speaker wires and everything for the install. I was reassured everything would be sent. Well I got the shipment 10 days after I ordered it. Unpacked everything and I didn’t not receive speaker wire, wire connectors or screws for the speakers. So I had to go to my local car audio shop and buy the speaker wire and connectors. I then had to go to Home Depot and buy screws for my subs. So after all this, I wired the subs and go to install them and they don’t fit!!! The openings were cut to small. I’m sure they are exactly to the size of the SA12s but when the Bedliner was added it made the openings way to small. The sub was sticking up about 1/2-3/4 of an inch. So I then had to go back to Home Depot. Get some sand paper and sanded the openings by hand for about an hour. All in all the box and subs sound great. Be aware if you are buying this and do not know how to install or fix some problems. You are not going to be happy. This is advertised as preloaded, put the box in your car and hook wires up. Well my experience was not that at all. It was a few hours of work. Work that was unexpected. I will say D4S did give me a 5% military discount which is greatly appreciated. This is why I never contacted them about these issues I just fixed them. Going forward I would hope D4S would take the box and check the fit of the speakers and pack everything needed for the install. It’s a simple fix and would save the end user so much time.

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    Sundown SA12 Enclosure package

    Posted by Kieran on Feb 11th 2021

    This was my first purchase with sundown and Down4Sound and I’m extremely impressed and beat my expectations, the YouTube videos don’t do it justice , this will shake the shit out of you paired with the JP23 was the perfect idea and I’m in love perfect everything , built perfectly , box is awesome and heavy duty , you can’t compare these to anything

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    Great package!

    Posted by TC Wigger on Jan 13th 2021

    I’ve never ran the SA series - but I’m impressed! LOTS of punch. They CAN and DO play down to around 20hz but they seem to perform the best around 35hz and up. Great subs! I would recommend to anyone that wants to slam and rattle the car but doesn’t have a particular focus on LOW end or subsonic output. The box is WAY nicer than I thought it was going to be too. Its SOLID all the way around! And the bedliner coating makes it even more durable. The logo on the top is icing on the cake! I love that logo anyway - so to have it etched into the box like that is nice!! Another HUGE benefit to this package is that you don’t need to find your subs, THEN find your box, THEN find your amp... With the package, you just find your amp! That’s a HUGE thing for people I know. It’s already taken care of for you!! Thank you as always JP✊