SUNDOWN AUDIO Z Series v.6 18" (2500-watts)-DVC-2OHM

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Sundown Audio Zv6 18 Inch Dual 2 Subwoofer

The Sundown Audio Zv6 is the fan favorite Zv5 beefed up! the new woofers offer a quad stacked motor with a thicker top plate (5mm), and will come standard with 8 layer coils for additional BL and more power handling of 2500 watts! This ZV6 18 D2 Subwoofer.

Sundown Audio Zv6 features:

  • 8 layer coil, flatter coil
  • motor gap is wider and allows the zv6 coil to cool faster
  • bigger top plate giving the Zv6 more mechanical movement
  • Sundown made the Zv6 motor more forceful.
  • Zv6 18 is under rated at 2500 watts