CAR Audio Financing & Leasing options at Down4Sound

Down4sound offers the latest and greatest financing and leasing options to our customers. We offer Katapult, Snap Finance, Klarna and Acima Leasing.

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#1 Recommended

Snap Financing: 100 days interest free!

Snap Finance offers lease-to-own financing that empowers credit-challenged shoppers with the buying power to get what they need, now.


Snap was founded on the principle that you should thrive with financing that’s accessible and completely transparent.


The application is EASY, and you’ll find out in seconds if you’ve been approved. With amounts up to $5,000 – get what you need TODAY and make payments over time with Snap! 


You will either get a virtual credit card or an approved app ID that you can use at Down4Sound!

Acima Leasing: 90 Day purchase option

Acima will offer instant decisions upon completion of a mobile or online application.


Early purchase options available.


Upon approval, you will receive an APPROVED app ID.

Useful tips when applying for higher chances of approval:

•     Make sure you have all the correct info.
•     use a bank account that at least has money in it with no overdrafts within the last 30 days
•     If you have high finance use that isn't paid off yet, do not signup!
•     Disapproved?? Re-apply after 30days


IF you have defaulted on any 90 or 100 programs similar to these in the last two years, do not apply.