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Warden R4 21 |3500 RMS| Dual 2 Ohm

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You’ve found yourself deep into the SPL game, and you’ve reached the end of the line on equipment. You need that next level output, that next level power handling, that next level control, that next level cooling…… that leaves the all-new 2017 Incriminator Audio Warden. The Warden is simply a purpose built, no holes barred, pure SPL monster rated at 3500 watts. The Warden has a massive column NEO motor structure. Sure, there are loads of new NEO motored subs out there claiming huge performance, but they are not designed like the Warden. The Warden is the world’s first true column based neodymium subwoofer that incorporates a common steel top plate. Having one common top plate allows the Warden to generate a uniform amount of magnetic flux throughout the entire gap. This results in a much stronger subwoofer and ultimately higher SPL levels than the competitors. Each column of NEO is covered with an aluminum sleeve for a shorting ring that also functions as a heatsink. This protects the NEO for years s usage. The Warden doesn’t care where you came from, it only cares about being the overseer of SPL championships. From small pressure boxes to huge walls, the Warden can handle the abuse, both mechanically and thermally. Mechanically, the Warden keeps everything in check through quadruple stiff, progressive spiders, a heavy duty kraft fiber reinforced cone body, a multi-layer surround, The NEO motor has tremendous motor force to control the cone in the most demanding SPL classes. Thermally, you don’t have to sweat it, because the Warden is using a special 3” Reserve coil that is flat wound and 8 layers as well as (ADC) Air Driven Cooling through the motor. To top this all off, you can option the Incriminator Warden to your specific SPL needs. Options such as an extra Spiders (XS) for more mechanical handling, (RCC) Reserve Coil Change at Dual 0.35, 0.50, or 1.0, as well as (DC) direct connect leads so you can run even larger speaker wire to the Warden. In the end, Incriminator Audio has a long and suul history of monstrous SPL numbers in the competition lanes with countless wins. Taking that into account, in addition to the all-new and improved design of the Warden, you should have a really clear picture of what you are dealing with. So when you need the absolute best, you are looking at the end of the line in the Warden. Available in Dual 1 and Dual 2 standard as well a 12”, 15”, 18” " models.


Driver 21 Inch
Sd 1620 cm²
Sub Diameter 21.2"
Mounting 19.25"
Depth 11.80"
Displacement .26 Cu. Ft.
Power 3500 RMS


Enclosure Specifications   
  Minimum Volume Recommended Volume Maximum Volume
Sealed N/A N/A N/A
Ported 7.50ft^3 8.50ft^3 10.0ft^3
Port Opening 105in^2 (4.90" x 21.50") 120in^2 (5.60" x 21.50") 140in^2 (6.50" x 21.50")
Port Length 22.00" 21.50" 21.00"
Port Tuning 35hz 35hz 35hz
Port Displacement 1.34ft^3 1.49ft^3 1.70ft^3
Sub Displacement 0.22ft^3 0.22ft^3 0.22ft^3
Subsonic Filter 32hz - Setting 32hz - Setting 32hz - Setting
Low Pass Filter 80hz - Setting 80hz - Setting 80hz - Setting
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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Incriminator Audio requires us to send customers with equipment problems directly to them for tech support / warranty / repair support. Their details are below.

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