Apocalypse AAB-3800

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Apocalypse AAB-3800.1D
1-channel digital broadband amplifier (monoblock) Apocalypse AAB-3800.1D

This model features:
High efficiency (~80%)
Wide frequency range (10Hz - 20kHz) make this amplifier more versatile
Using IGBT transistors
Compact size
Workability with extremely low voltage (from 9V)
Maximum area of radiator allow you don't think about overheat.

Model AAB-3800.1D
Type Amplifier
Frequency Response 10 - 20000 Hz
Class D
Number of the channels 1
1 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V) 4000 W
2 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V) 2100 W
4 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V) 1200 W
Minimum permissible load on the channel 1 Ohm
High Pass Filter 5 - 80 Hz
Low Pass Filter 80 - 20000 Hz
Crossover 12 dB/Oct
Working Voltage 9-15 V