Down4Sound 200 mil Deadener HEXiPoint- TrunkLid KIT - 16 sqft

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  • Down4Sound 200 mil Deadener HEXiPoint- TrunkLid KIT - 16 sqft
  • Down4Sound 200 mil Deadener HEXiPoint- TrunkLid KIT - 16 sqft
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Down 4 Sound 200 Mill Sound Deadener 16 sqft HexiPoint 

  • Each sheet is 11 x 22
  • 10 Sheets
  • Made from the highest quality components, Butyl Rubber, aluminum

Before applying deadener, ensure the area is fully clean; we suggest using 80% rubbing alcohol. Once thoroughly cleaned, and dry, apply sheet, and roll.

If applying in cold weather under 60 degrees, use a heat gun to apply or warm the area.

Watch out for airbag sensors and fastening holes for interior panels.


Warning this product may cut you, use safety gloves.

We are not responsible for any damages or cuts or applying errors.


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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Sound deadener

    Thick stuff, cool design. I did it in the cold, left truck running, on floorboard, heat pointed down, stuff became very flexible and molded easily to the cab wall. Bought more to do floorboard and roof earlier today.

  • 5
    Sound deadener

    I really did not want to remove the carpet on my cab wall, I think it looks much better than the deadener that was there but D4S put a real cool design on each mat (Sure looks like Megaman from that Gameboy game) and they signed every piece of deadener softening the blow of removing the nice looking carpet or liner or whatever it is. AND THAT ROLLER THOUGH!! It's got a wide roller so you get it done quick and a thin roller to make sure you get ALL OF IT DONE. I feel like I'm making faster progress the second time around w the deadener cuz the roller doesn't give like a paint roller, meaning I'm more efficient, this time. Way to take something ugly like cheap deadener and turn it into something that looks awesome and performs equally well. Before w cheap stuff, it took one evening to do each door, but with this quality stuff I got all 4 doors done in one evening, I got the rear cab wall done in another evening. Still got pillars, roof and floorboard to go.

  • 5
    Great product

    Easy to use and works great

  • 5
    Product review

    Works great, helps so much with unwanted rattling and just makes your system sound better

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