Down4Sound 320 mil Sound Deadener - RillaMat - 38 sqft

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d4s-320mil-38 sqft
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Down 4 Sound 320 Mill Sound Deadener 38 sqft Acoustic Foam 3 in 1

  • each sheet is 11 x 22
  • 22 Sheets
  • RillaMat 5XL the THICKEST Basshead Deadener in the World.

Made from the highest quality components, Butyl Rubber, aluminum and Foam

Before applying deadener, ensure the area is fully clean; we suggest using 80% rubbing alcohol. Once thoroughly cleaned and dry, apply sheet, and roll.

If applying in cold weather under 60 degrees, use a heat gun to apply or warm the area.

Watch out for airbag sensors and fastening holes for interior panels.


Warning this product may cut you, use safety gloves.

We are not responsible for any damages or cuts or applying errors.