Down4Sound 80mil Deadener HEXiPoint- 38 sqft

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d4s-80mil-38 sqft
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Down 4 Sound 80Mill Sound Deadener 38 sqft HexiPoint 

  • Each sheet is 11 x 22
  • 23 Sheets
  • Made from the highest quality components, Butyl Rubber, aluminum

Before applying deadener, ensure the area is fully clean; we suggest using 80% rubbing alcohol. Once thoroughly cleaned, and dry, apply sheet, and roll.

If applying in cold weather under 60 degrees, use a heat gun to apply or warm the area.

Watch out for airbag sensors and fastening holes for interior panels.


Warning this product may cut you, use safety gloves.

We are not responsible for any damages or cuts or applying errors.


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2 Reviews

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    D4S deadener

    Great budget deadener or awesome for tight spaces as it’s flexible.

  • 5
    Sound deadwner

    I have bought many different brands of sound deadener before. By far this is the absolute best I have ever seen. Amazing adhesion it’s not sharp on the edges so you don’t cut your hands. It has no smell. Has a really cool pattern. And most importantly it works absolutely perfect. Double layered the complete floor of my trunk, trunk lid, and roof. I single layered the rear fenders as far up the c-pillar that I could and up to the back of the front seats on the floor. I have a sun roof so there are little to no roof supports. Before the roof sounded like knocking on a loose street sign. Now with just 2 80mil layers it’s unexplainably quiet. It’s rock solid. The exhaust drone was cut by at least 75% and I have straight piped inline 6 turbo diesel so it was BAD before. I would highly recommend. Price is cheap. I will be buying 2 more 38sqft packs to do 2 layers on the doors, a second/ third layer on the rear fenders, and the panel behind the rear seat.

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