DOWN4SOUND D4S-CHG-8A - 12V Lithium Charger

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The D4S-CHG-8A charger is an advanced battery charger designed specifically for high performance 12V lithium batteries. This charger combines the reliability of a high frequency MOSFET rectified assembly
with an advanced microprocessor control board to create a battery charger that can rapidly and safely recharge 12V lithium batteries in several sizes.
Voltage Monitoring

The battery’s terminal voltage is measured every five minutes by the on-board microprocessors and this information is analyzed in addition to the elapsed time to dynamically control the battery charger for
optimum charging performance.

Automatic Computer Analysis/Auto Shutdown
The microprocessors will analyze the battery when connected. If the battery’s voltage is below 4V the charger may not recognize the battery is connected and will not begin charging. Likewise, if the battery
will not come up to the correct voltage in a ten-hour period the microprocessor control board will automatically shut the charger off.
UL Approved Battery Cables.

Six feet of durable battery cables are provided that are resistant to cuts and abrasion. The copper plated battery clamps are compact and custom designed easy connections. All clamp connections are soldered
for maximum current flow.

Internal Cooling Fan
A cooling fan automatically operates during charging to keep the circuit and other internal components at a constant safe temperature.

Important Safety Instructions
The D4S-CHG-8A charger generates a low DC voltage and high DC current to the battery being charged. Operating the charger incorrectly or misusing it may damage the charger or create hazardous conditions
for the user.

• The D4S-CHG-8A charger is designed to charge 12V lithium batteries. Do not attempt to use with batteries with voltages not matching the chargers specified voltage.
• Do not use this product where there are flammable fumes or gases.
• Do not use this product in an enclosure containing lead-acid batteries. These batteries vent explosive hydrogen gas, which can be ignited by sparks from electrical connections.
• Never attempt to charge a frozen battery.
• Do not connect DC clamps to the carburetor, fuel lines, or sheet metal body parts.
• Do not expose charger to water or rain or temperatures over 104 °F (40 °C).
• Do not open the charger. There are no user serviceable parts inside the unit. For service see the Returns policy in the back of this guide.

WARNING: HEATED SURFACE - Ensure at least 2” (5 cm) air space is maintained on all sides of the charger.
• An extension cord should not be used unless absolutely necessary. Use of an undersized extension cord will adversely affect the output of the product and could prove to be dangerous. If an extension cord
must be used, make sure that pins on the plug of the extension cord are the same number, size and shape as those of the plug on the charger. We recommend a minimum of a 16AWG cord for lengths up to
50’ and a minimum of a 14AWG cord for lengths up to 100’. We do not recommend cords over 100’. Do not use this product with an ungrounded extension cord.

• Be sure AC and DC cords are not pinched or otherwise damaged by hoods, doors, or other moving engine components.
• Observe battery polarity.
*IMPORTANT* If this charger is to be used with a portable generator, it should be equipped with automatic voltage regulation to ensure consistent output of the product.
- Specifications
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 12” x 5” x 8”
Weight: 7 lbs
AC Input Connections: 5.0’ AWG 16
DC Output Connections: 4.0’AWG 10


AC Input Specifications
AC Input Voltage : 100-120 VAC, 47-63 Hz
AC Input Current: 8A RMS fuse protected
15A Protection
Battery Reverse: YES
Short Circuit: YES
Overload: YES

Speed controlled cooling fan by charge stage
- Back Power Switch and Front LED Indicators
1) Power LED Indicator: Illuminates red when power cord is plugged in and power switch on back of unit is turned on.
2) Charging LED Indicator: Illuminates green when powered on and red when charging. When charging is complete the charging LED Indicator will illuminate green. If the Charging LED
Indicator remains red after a 1 hour period, switch the charger OFF and remove the battery connections. Insure the battery polarity is correct, and if so, replace the battery.
3) Power Switch: (on back) Power is ON when switched to “I” and OFF when switched to “O”.
4) Fuse holder: Contains a 25A output fuse in case of overload.
*The LED Status Indicator will illuminate RED/RED indicating the battery is charging. The LED indicators will illuminate RED/GREEN indicating the battery is fully charged.


- Operation

The D4S-CHG-8A charger has been designed to provide fully automatic recharging of most 12V batteries.

If possible, disconnect all loads from the battery by removing battery cables, opening a disconnect switch, or switching loads off. To charge your 12V battery:

1) With the charger’s power switch in the OFF position plug the charger into a grounded wall receptacle.

2) Connect the red positive (+) clip of the charger cables to the positive (+) terminal of the vehicle battery.

3) Connect the black negative (–) clip of the charger cables to a solid chassis ground. If this is not possible, connect it to the negative (–) battery terminal.

4) Flip the power switch on the back panel to ON. The Power LED will illuminate red and the Charging LED Indicator on the front panel will illuminate red as well, beginning the charging sequence.

*Note that the charger will automatically restart the charging sequence if the charge current rises above a factory preset threshold.

When complete, the Charging LED Indicator will turn green, flip the power switch to OFF. 10) Remove the black negative (–) clip and the red positive (+) clip from the vehicle’s battery terminals.


- Troubleshooting WARNING: Electric shock hazard Do not disassemble any of the HF chargers.

The chargers do not contain any internal user-serviceable parts and attempting to service the unit yourself could result in electrical shock or burn.

• Power LED does not come on when the power switch is flipped to ON: Check fuse. Check cord and input power. • Charge LED will not illuminate: The battery is not connected. The battery is below 4.0V. • Charging LED remains orange and never turns green: This happens when the battery cannot be completely charged in a 10-hour period at the selected charge rate. Ensure the battery polarity is correct. If the error persists, replace the battery.

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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Battery charger (Lithium)

    Posted by D on Nov 14, 2022

    Had my 2 LTO batteries charged in no time very good piece!

  • 5

    Posted by Gary Love on Apr 24, 2022

    While I think this is a ‘one-off’ purchase if you buy only one battery, it’s well worth it to know your battery’s first charge will be safe and accurate. It worked perfectly for my LTO6.0 and it charged in under an hour. I don’t regret my purchase and would recommend it if you get a lithium battery.

  • 5
    D4s-chg-8a-12v lithium charger

    Posted by Ian on Apr 02, 2022

    Awesome charger did its job to about 45 Minto bring the battery from 12.5 to 13.65

  • 5
    Charged my 6.0 lithium in about 30 mins

    Posted by Gary Poole on Mar 08, 2022

    Even though this 8 amp hr charger is a slower chargere than the 12 amp,it still charged my single 6.0 lto in about 30 mins. This gave me plenty of time to get things ready to put my lto right into its new home.

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