Down4Sound JP3 CPT BLACK | 555W RMS - 4 2 1 ANY-OHM Amplifier

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Introducing the JP3 CPT Ω - 555W RMS Amplifier in a refined colored anodized black finish. This amplifier is meticulously designed to be the centerpiece of your audio setup, ensuring an unmatched auditory experience. Dive deep into its features and understand the unparalleled capabilities it brings to your sound system.

Technical Mastery:

  • Power Ratings: Consistent delivery of 555W RMS across 1, 2, and 4 ohms.
  • Frequency Response: A broad spectrum from 10 Hz - 254 Hz.
  • Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.1% at 4 ohms, ensuring pure sound.
  • Strappable connection 

User-Centric Benefits:

  • Precision Sound Control: With adjustable settings like the low pass filter, subsonic filter, and bass boost, tailor your sound to perfection.
  • Compact Yet Powerful: Don't be deceived by its size. This amplifier promises big sound, fitting seamlessly into any setup.
  • Elegant Design: The colored anodized black finish adds a touch of sophistication to its robust performance.


  • Power Output:
    • 1ohm: 555W @ 14.4V
    • 2ohms: 555W @ 14.4V
    • 4ohms: 555W @ 14.4V
    • 2ohm Linked: 1110W - Strapped 
  • Frequency Dynamics: 10 Hz - 254Hz
  • Filters:
    • Low Pass: 35Hz - 250 Hz
    • Subsonic: 10Hz - 50 Hz
  • Bass Enhancement: 0-9 dB
  • Input Sensitivity: 6V - 0.2V
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 93dB
  • Safety Measures:
    • Single Unit Fuse: 70A
    • Strapped Fuse: 140A
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 6.29 inches
    • Width x Height: 7.40 x 2.24 inches
  • Color: Black

Elevate your audio experience. [ADD TO CART] and immerse yourself in the world of premium sound with the JP3 CPT Ω - 555W RMS Amplifier

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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Your new Down4Sound product is covered by 1 limited warranty if purchased from Down4Sound or an authorized Down4Sound dealer. This warranty does not cover improper installation, accidental damage, misuse, abuse, improper wiring, operation of unit outside of listed specifications, or any product that has been modified or repaired by anyone other than Down4Sound. Your warranty covers defects in materials and/or workmanship ONLY and is not an insurance policy. The warranty only covers the original owner of the amplifier.

All warranty returns must be accompanied by the original sales invoice or receipt. You must contact us to request an RMA number prior to sending any returns via the RMA request form on our website. You are responsible for the cost of shipping your product back to us for warranty examination. If your product is covered under warranty, shipping back to you will be at no charge to you – if your product is replaced/repaired outside of warranty you must pay for return shipping and repair bill prior returning of the product or if no defect is found you are required to pay for return shipping only.

At the sole discretion of Down4Sound your product will be either repaired or replaced when it is being covered under warranty. In the event of shipping damage due to improper packaging on products being returned to Down4Sound the customer is liable for the cost of all damages, necessary repairs, or replacement. Be sure to properly pack your return!

*  Extended additional warranty purchased on amplifiers take in affect from the date of purchase and must also be stated on orginal sales invoice or receipt. 



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11 Reviews

  • 5
    JP3 amplifier

    Posted by Matthew Shaffer on Nov 14, 2023

    This little amplifier is amazing. I'm pushing a 12 inch champion series pioneer subwoofer at 2 ohms, and it has more than enough power and then some! Sounds amazing and doesn't even get warm after hours of slamming. J.P. knows what he is doing. Thanks a million.

  • 5
    Best entry level amplifier

    Posted by Drew on Sep 14, 2023

    Absolutely awesome amp! This amp punches way above its class in amp dyno videos, it comes with a base knob that has a built-in voltmeter and it has a small overall footprint. Love that it has a built-in fan as well.

  • 4
    Great, but not perfect

    Posted by Yoshi on Sep 01, 2023

    This amp has a lot of potential, but there's a few things I'm not a fan of. It also didn't come with a manual nor could I find one online. The hole in the bass knob is for trimming the voltage reading, FYI Pros: Works great on my trio of 6.5in skars at 2.66 ohms. Doesn't get very warm. Price is nice. Connections are big and beefy. Amp's nice and compact and was able to hide it and the subwoofer trio under the cargo mat in my 2013 volt. Cons: 10 conductor wire for the remote. Most people would see it and think it's just a standard 8 conductor cat5e cable (it even says so on the jacket of the cable) but if you run it and chop off the extra wire planning to just crimp on a standard ethernet end, you'll find that you need a means of crimping on a new 10 conductor connector instead. The blue LEDs have to go. They're a hazard at night without putting tape over them or desoldering and replacing them. No speaker level input with auto sense. I get that this isn't a common feature but the cheap walmart amp I got at a pawn shop had them. Construction quality and component choices are a little questionable in places. The backside of the board is covered in flux residue, and the thermistor on the corner of the board isn't thermally or physically bonded to the heatsink at all. Capacitors aren't the worst option but certainly could be better. The 40mm fan doesn't instill a ton of confidence in me since I've seen countless 40mm sleeve bearing fans fail on other devices. Overall I give it 4/5 stars, solid amp overall.

  • 5
    Small but Powerfull

    Posted by Phillip Montalvan on Aug 09, 2023

    I don't usually write reviews but for this amp it's a must!, after a few weeks of owning one, it's needles to say i'm impressed. I have it pushing 2 12's kicker comp R's with no problem, my only honest concern it's that it gets hot after some time but then again it's summer time, let's how it does in the winter, regardless it's the best buget amp out there plus it comes with the coolest bass Knob!. thanks JP for another great product.

  • 5

    Posted by Dustan on Jul 19, 2023

    Great amp lots of power

  • 5
    Great Powerful Amp ! Highly efficient!

    Posted by Bob Danyluk on Jun 14, 2023

    I have 2 of these being supplied by a 170amp Mechman Alternator. On the highway while driving I can be on full volume and on full/high air conditioning and i won't drop below 13.5 volts. I am powering two 12 inch Image Dynamics IDQ subs in a 5.5 cu ft sealed box. 20hz to 40hz is AMAZING and kick drums around 80hz feel like punches in my kidneys. 2006 Corvette, they are facing the rear trunk corners.

  • 5
    Powerful little amplifier

    Posted by Ryan Broussard on Jun 12, 2023

    Purchased a sundown sa10 classic and a jp3. Hits pretty hard for just a single 10. Amplifier temperature stays around 85-95 degrees. Amp definitely puts down some power for its size.

  • 5
    Jp3 cpt

    Posted by Ryan on Jun 05, 2023

    Great little amp, nice and small very powerful, does more the rated power. Can't beat the price.

  • 5

    Posted by Brad on Jun 05, 2023

    Such a small amp but great power output this thing rocks and doesn't strain the alternator either, clear bottom is a plus less time taking it apart to check it out lol

  • 4
    Plenty of Power - X-Over Bypass is needed

    Posted by Galen Berens on May 30, 2023

    I get that it's a dedicated Subwoofer amp. But, the lack of a bypass switch for the built-in x-over bums me out. I was hoping it wasn't going to bother me, but it does. I replaced a 300W Class A/B amp with this and there is definitely more power on tap with the JP3 CPT, so that's good. But it's going to take longer to dial it in since I can't bypass the built-in x-over. It's 24dB/Oct, so it's steep, but dialing that in manually is a pain because of where I have the amp mounted, and I wasn't planning on using it. There's no marked frequency points on the dial other than the min and max frequencies. Because the amp's x-over is in series with the x-over section on the Sub out from my deck, even if run the amp's x-over at the max frequency of 250Hz, it still changes both the tonality of the sub and phase relationship with my mid-high speakers when I use the head unit's x-over compared to the old setup. I can't use the same settings and get the same sound. I'll figure it out, but I still wish there was a bypass switch. So, 4 stars for the lack of a x-over bypass switch. I still think it's a great deal and very nice amp. I had the system cranked for well over an hour while listening and dialing things in and the amp was barely warm. I'm running it @4Ohms. Cheers.

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