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  • Down4Sound JP95 - 1500w RMS 5 Channel amplifier
  • Down4Sound JP95 - 1500w RMS 5 Channel amplifier
  • Down4Sound JP95 - 1500w RMS 5 Channel amplifier
  • Down4Sound JP95 - 1500w RMS 5 Channel amplifier
MSRP: P7,375.99
— You save P3,527.70


JP 95 AMP: 1500w total RMS 5 Channel Amplifier

The JP95 might be the most practical 5 channel amplifier ever to hit the market. R&D in Las Vegas, NV & Dunnellon FL. The Heatsink carries over from the JP23. The red color takes from the OG days of Down4Sound and Car Audio, we call it Radiant Red.  

Inside the JP95 is a fan cooling the output side; now it has plexi black plate, and Bass Knob with voltage and temperature meter.

fan turns on at 120 degrees F


The warranty doesn't mean we cover it if you hook it up wrong or launch it out a potato launcher or someone dropped it or if your ex comes by and steals it. It also doesn't cover you feeding it the wrong voltage distorting it malfunction, or you submarining it in your vehicle. This Version IS NOT Marine Grade.

OUR Ratings: ( We rate on worst case scenario)

  • RMS power, 1ohm for CH5: 900W x 1
  • RMS power, 2ohm: 200W x 4 + 700W x 1
  • RMS power, 4ohm: 120W x 4 + 400W x 1
  • RMS power, 4ohm Bridged :400W x 2


  • RMS power, 1ohm for CH5 BASS CH: 1212 W x 1 
  • RMS power, 4ohm: 120W x 4 Channels + Bass Ch: 482 Watts RMS x 1
  • RMS power, 2ohm: 200W x 4 Channels + Bass Ch: 816 Watts RMS x 1

JP95 Tuning Specs

CH1 & CH2

  • High Pass Filter: 20Hz - 5KHz

CH3 & CH4

  • High Pass Filter: 20Hz - 500Hz
  • Low Pass Filter: 50(500)Hz - 500(5K)Hz
  • Low pass Filter Multiply: x1, x10


  • Subsonic Filter: 10Hz - 50Hz
  • Low Pass Filter: 35Hz - 250Hz
  • Bass Boost: 0 - 9dB

Frequency Response

  • 10Hz - 30KHz for CH1 - CH4, 10Hz - 240Hz for CH5


Remote Bass Knob: Voltmeter & Temperature display remote control included

Input Sensitivity: 6V - 0.2V
Signal to Noise Ratio: 95dB <
T.H.D @ 4ohm: less than 0.1%
Operating voltage : 9 to 16 Volts
Fuse Rating: 160A
Length ( inches ): 17.71" 7.4" W x 2.24" H


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45 Reviews

  • 5
    Best banger 5 channel out there

    Posted by Paul Moul on Apr 16, 2023

    I bought it for my wife's 2021 Malibu. Sound and output signal is clean. I tested with my 0-scope. It outputs more than rated power on all channels. But, the sub channel is the MOST impressive. My voltages and impedance are as follows. Volts are at the output terminals. Ch 1/2: 2 ohms @ 16v = 128x2 Wrms (running gains low, not max) Ch 3/4: 4 ohms @ 16v = 64x2 Wrms Ch 5: 1 ohm @ 36Vrms = 1,296 Wrms 1-4 set with 1kHz -5dB tone 5 set with 40hZ -10dB tone Why even buy 2 amps when 1 is more than powerful enough for a daily driver? No lights dimming. No noise. Just pure, clean, old school power. It reminds me greatly of the old school USA made Autotek (before Maxxsonics killed them). Definite MUST BUY!

  • 5
    Jp95 Amp review

    Posted by Charles cernosek on Mar 25, 2023

    Best amp for the money! I mean where else can you get this kind of quality and power for the price!!

  • 5
    JP95 5channel amp

    Posted by Adam Coleman on Feb 28, 2023

    Shipping was fast and free and product looks great, very high quality and nice looks for the price. Will update after I buy the rest of my equipment and install. Thanks for the great product is blue collar guys can afford JP!

  • 4

    Posted by wayne gainey on Feb 13, 2023

    Very nice amp, using for a single cab shortbed truck with 2 12’s and 6.5’s and 4x6’s. Had one issue with whining noise up to 50% volume, power and ground are 0 gauge and ground is tied to frame. Will see if I can exchange for warranty. Amp plays these subs super hard though at only 2ohms. Swapped my Orion xtr 2500-yes it hits harder but that defeats to reason I purchased the 5 channel not having to run two amps with limited space.

  • 5
    Better than AudioControl for way less

    Posted by Dylan H. on Feb 09, 2023

    I used to have a AudioControl D-5.1300 until it randomly died on me. Loved that amp but it was quite expensive and I didn't really take advantage of the built in DSP features much. Also the control knob was super basic and over priced. This amp on the other hand is the complete opposite. not only goes it put out more power but it's cheaper and has a much nicer control knob. I really wish I had just bought this amp in the first place. For the $1500.00 I paid for the audio control I could have gotten this JP95 and some nice subs. By far my favorite feature is the control knob. It displays voltage, temperature, power, protect status and clipping all in one. I wish the bass knob was a bit bigger but it's really hard to complain about that considering this amp is the entire package. I'm only running it with a single 12 @ 2ohms but I plan on running 2 12's @ 1ohm and I can't wait. I would recommend this amp to anyone looking for a solid 5 channel amp. It really does it all.

  • 5
    great amp

    Posted by john mauro on Feb 07, 2023

    i just got my amp today its very nice cant wait to install it

  • 5
    Refurbished jp96

    Posted by Pupdogg77 on Jan 25, 2023

    I got a refurbished jp95 for the price that they are selling for brand new right now awesome deal love the amp I thought the description said it came with a bass knob ,and I did not get one. but it doesn't matter I love the amp. I was a big bass head back in my day. Had 8 12s punch dcv in a wall in a 88 gt Mustang. This app has reignited my passion.Now I want the 7 Channel.

  • 5
    Great piece of equipment

    Posted by Aaron Milstead on Jan 24, 2023

    For personal quality I was looking for it has more than covered what I wanted from my system. Bass is hard mids and highs are clean.

  • 5
    Red beauty 5 channel

    Posted by Jose a Alonso on Jan 23, 2023

    5 channel nothing to compare to one of the best and easy installation. Also would use JP 84 next to it to power 14 speakers in total. It's going to be an awesome day thanks JP.

  • 4

    Posted by Ronald Garguilo on Jan 01, 2023

    im gonna leave a great review for amp performance. i have it hooked up to 2 sets of jbl component sets each on its own channel which are channel 1,2,3,4. and running in 4 ohm mode. i have a single dual 2 ohm 15 inch hutchinson audio origin subwoofer on ch 5. wired down to run at 1 ohm. when the amp is in 5 channel mode the 2 sets of component sets on channels 1-4 play phenominally they sound amazing,but the sub has almost nothing at all, as if there is a problem with channel 5. now when i switch the amp to 4 channel mode the sub has thunder bass omg its incredible and all the mids and highs playing as well. i dont know why channel 5 mode does not work for the subwoofer because the subwoofer is wired to channel 5 and i dont understand how the sub is playing when i have it in 4 channel mode. I dont wanna miss out on the full capability of the amp thats why i bought a five channel amp. I will be calling down 4 sound tomorrow to find out what wrong with channel 5 mode. but damm even in 4 channel mode with everything playing it sounds incredible

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