JP95 - 1500w RMS 5 Channel amplifier

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  • Down4Sound JP95 - 1500w RMS 5 Channel amplifier
  • Down4Sound JP95 - 1500w RMS 5 Channel amplifier
  • Down4Sound JP95 - 1500w RMS 5 Channel amplifier
  • Down4Sound JP95 - 1500w RMS 5 Channel amplifier
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JP 95 AMP: 1500w total RMS 5 Channel Amplifier

The JP95 might be the most practical 5 channel amplifier ever to hit the market. R&D in Las Vegas, NV & Dunnellon FL. The Heatsink carries over from the JP23. The red color takes from the OG days of Down4Sound and Car Audio, we call it Radiant Red.  

Inside the JP95 is a fan cooling the output side; now it has plexi black plate, and Bass Knob with voltage and temperature meter.

fan turns on at 120 degrees F


The warranty doesn't mean we cover it if you hook it up wrong or launch it out a potato launcher or someone dropped it or if your ex comes by and steals it. It also doesn't cover you feeding it the wrong voltage distorting it malfunction, or you submarining it in your vehicle. This Version IS NOT Marine Grade.

OUR Ratings: ( We rate on worst case scenario)

  • RMS power, 1ohm for CH5: 900W x 1
  • RMS power, 2ohm: 200W x 4 + 700W x 1
  • RMS power, 4ohm: 120W x 4 + 400W x 1
  • RMS power, 4ohm Bridged :400W x 2


  • RMS power, 1ohm for CH5 BASS CH: 1212 W x 1 
  • RMS power, 4ohm: 120W x 4 Channels + Bass Ch: 482 Watts RMS x 1
  • RMS power, 2ohm: 200W x 4 Channels + Bass Ch: 816 Watts RMS x 1

JP95 Tuning Specs

CH1 & CH2

  • High Pass Filter: 20Hz - 5KHz

CH3 & CH4

  • High Pass Filter: 20Hz - 500Hz
  • Low Pass Filter: 50(500)Hz - 500(5K)Hz
  • Low pass Filter Multiply: x1, x10


  • Subsonic Filter: 10Hz - 50Hz
  • Low Pass Filter: 35Hz - 250Hz
  • Bass Boost: 0 - 9dB

Frequency Response

  • 10Hz - 30KHz for CH1 - CH4, 10Hz - 240Hz for CH5


Remote Bass Knob: Voltmeter & Temperature display remote control included

Input Sensitivity: 6V - 0.2V
Signal to Noise Ratio: 95dB <
T.H.D @ 4ohm: less than 0.1%
Operating voltage : 9 to 16 Volts
Fuse Rating: 160A
Length ( inches ): 17.71" 7.4" W x 2.24" H


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25 Reviews

  • 5
    Really impressive!

    Haven’t been into car audio in over 20 years. Recently got back into it and after a ton of reading and debating I decided to finally pull the trigger on the JP95 and am glad I did. First, it’s a killer looking amp in person, looks didn’t have much influence on my purchase, but when I opened the box I was impressed right away by the fit and finish. Second, this thing gets down power and sound quality wise. Third, this is my first amp with a clip light so I hooked up my o-scope to compare and it’s pretty much spot on making setup a breeze. Really impressed so far, if it proves to be reliable and holds up I can’t imagine there’s a better deal for the money. Would and will be recommending to anyone who asks at shows.

  • 5

    Just amazed all around. Never thought a 5 channel would produce such power and quality.

  • 5

    Just did nice install with this 5 channel amp. Wow! Clean sound, loud and well built!

  • 5
    Love it

    Best amp I got

  • 5

    Awesome amp! Power for days. Not just power but clean power. Did I mention it's affordable?! Extremely fast shipping!

  • 5
    Best Amp I have ever purchased!

    This is a really good amp. The build quality is top notch. It does have a large footprint so make sure you have enough space for it. Very loud and love the clipping indicator when tuning.

  • 5
    Great Amp

    I used this amp to run an entire system for a customer's car and it sounds great. It's running 2 Skar SPX-65C component sets, 1 in the front doors and 1 in the back dash with 3 Skar VD-10's in a sealed box. It's super loud, crystal clear, and thumps hard. This amp is definitely a great full-system powerhouse. And it takes up minimal space.

  • 5

    Awesome amp …. Clean and powerful the perfect all in one amp

  • 5

    I have been so freaking amazed by these amps! The power is there... floor daaaays... but what surprised me is they don't sound bad! They're actually pretty damn clean sounding! One of the issues I've had with small-ish foot print high power digital amps is their disregard for the noise floor and all about that powa! Power is good, but if it sounds crappy, what's the point?? I have purchased 3 of these amps for different builds. It's size is a little more larger than some would want, but if it fits the space, it'll most likely have all the juice you need for 1 Amp systems!

  • 5
    Jp95 rocks!!!

    Love this 5ch, it was just what I needed for my space requirements. Looks killer and sounds amazing

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