Rolly-1 Down4Sound 2 in 1 Sound Damping Roller

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Down4Sound 2 in 1 Rolly 1 - 2 in one sound deadener / sound dampener roller 

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4 Reviews

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    Deadning roller

    Posted by Brian Sanger on Jun 13, 2022

    Best roller I've used by far

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    Dampening roller

    Posted by Richard Adkins on Dec 23, 2021

    Works awesome. I would always recommend it.The perfect tool.

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    Down4sound rolly

    Posted by Nicholas Riker on Dec 02, 2021

    Definitely the best quality sound deadener application roller I've used to date. Nice wooden handle double sided roller that feels like it has good bearings. It's not sloppy and has almost no play within the wide wheel or the narrow brass side. I don't think it's listed but just so you know the wide side is 1-3/4" wide × 1-3/8" in diameter The narrow side is 1/4" wide x 1-1/8 in diameter. You can buy similar rollers on Amazon or Ebay but they are a one use item if that. This roller should last for many deadener applications. Oh yeah and the shipping is ridiculously fast. I live in New Jersey and I still receive my item in 2 days not counting the day I placed order, Thanks JP.

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    Sound dampening roller

    Posted by osvaldo corona on Jun 01, 2021

    This is by fair the best roller it is way better than a cheap wood one that I used to use. and has two different ends to get the pressure down

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