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SUNDOWN AUDIO Nightshade v.6 10" Subwoofer (3000-watts)-DVC-2OHM

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  • Sundown Audio SUNDOWN AUDIO Nightshade v.6 10" Subwoofer (3000-watts)-DVC-2OHM
  • Sundown Audio SUNDOWN AUDIO Nightshade v.6 10" Subwoofer (3000-watts)-DVC-2OHM
  • Sundown Audio SUNDOWN AUDIO Nightshade v.6 10" Subwoofer (3000-watts)-DVC-2OHM


Sundown Audio NS v6 10" D2 - 3000W RMS Subwoofer

Elevate your audio system with the Sundown Audio NS v6 10" D2 subwoofer. This state-of-the-art subwoofer, part of the renowned Nightshade series, is engineered for audiophiles who demand the best with SPL SOUND AND POWER.

Powerful Performance: The Sundown NS v6 10" subwoofer is a powerhouse, boasting a power handling capacity of 3000W RMS. This high-powered performance transforms your audio experience, delivering deep, resonant bass that you can feel.

Superior Heat Dissipation: The Sundown Audio Nightshade v6 10" subwoofer features a fully functional cast aluminum heat-sinking that surrounds the entire motor. This innovative design significantly enhances long-term heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance even during extended high-power output sessions.

Efficient Motor Venting: The Sundown NS v6 10" D2 subwoofer introduces a more efficient layout for motor venting. Vertical slits not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to better heat management and overall performance.

Dual Voice Coil Design: The Sundown Audio NS v6 10" D2 features a dual voice coil (DVC) 2-ohm design, offering greater flexibility in wiring configurations and optimizing performance with a variety of amplifiers.

Compact Size, Big Sound: Despite its compact 10" size, the Sundown Audio Nightshade v6 10" subwoofer delivers powerful, accurate bass, making it a perfect fit for installations where space is a premium without compromising on the bass output.

Experience the difference with the Sundown Audio NS v6 10" D2. This Nightshade v6 10" subwoofer represents a new standard in audio performance, combining superior sound quality with enhanced heat management and increased power handling for long-lasting performance. 

Sundown Audio NS v6 10" D2: 

  • Subwoofer Cutout: 10.01"
  • Subwoofer DEPTH: 11.5"


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Warranty Information

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    No spec sheet, no stickers, etc..

    Posted by Brent Matherne on Apr 04, 2024

    My sub, nightshade 10”, came in a box with cardboard paper wrapped all around it… sub was in great condition but I thought it would have been packaged like a subwoofer that cost $1000+.. I’m not really bothered by that but I was bothered by no spec sheet or no stickers or anything..this 10”sub is bigger than most 10” subs… it was just 1 box and cardboard paper and a sub woofer. I ain’t bitching or nothing just saying I was expecting a little bit more for the most expensive subwoofer ever paid for. Anyhow, it’s all good and I’m happy to have Bad ass subwoofer. Well at least I hope it’s bad ass. I haven’t tried yet because I’m still modifying my box.

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