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Sundown Audio SA 12 | Sundown Audio SA Series V2 12 inch subwoofer

The SA series, Sundown Audio 12 that changed the world will continue to change the world with looks, and sound!


SA v.2 12 Dual 4 ohm adds 1000w rms to the power rating!

Since 2009, the Sundown SA series has been our most popular line. What better way to make a new version 2 than to upgrade everything? Using a larger, more powerful motor, Sundown Audio maintains the perfect balance of the original SA series while increasing the power handling to 1000-watts RMS.

This Sundown Audio 12 SA v2 will come will be there 24/7 for all your bass / subwoofer needs.

Sundown Audio SA 12 Version 2 Specs & TS:

T/S SPECS SAv2 12″ D2 SAv2 12″ D4
RE (Ohms) 3.91 6.35
FS (Hz) 38.8866 33.6039
VAS (L) 26.2867 28.0603
Qes 0.5070 0.4996
Qms 4.5133 4.0178
Qts 0.4558 0.4443
Le (mH) 3.1785 4.6357
BL (NA) 21.9903 29.3900
Mms (Grams) 256.5545 321.8425
Cms (uM/N) 65.2922 69.6976
Sens (dB @ 1w/1m) 86.59 85.03

Other Sundown Audio 12 in the SA Series:



Sealed Enclosure

1.0 cu ft

Ported Enclosure

1.75 cu ft

Recommended Tuning


Recommended Port Area

26 sq in





Outside Diameter





Sundown Audio SA series 12 Subwoofer History

Sundown Audio began with a FEA optimized motor & coil design capable of 19mm of one-way linear excursion by 70% BL and just over 35mm of x-mech. An extremely robust double-layer spider with fully tied-on & doubled-up "XL" tinsel leads (84-strands of conductor per lead) was mated up to the motor and coil setup, with a competition paper cone and a strong foam surround. The motor also has a large ID shorting ring (faraday ring) to reduce distortion caused by inductance & inductance variations over stroke.

From the original SA series, the voice coil cooling system was improved by Sundown. Using this system, our 2.75′′ coil is able to match and exceed the thermal performance of many competing 3′′ coil drivers on the market without requiring the use of a much heavier voice coil than is needed by the design. The SA series is characterized by the perfect balance between motor force and mass. With extensive testing and optimization, we have maintained that delicate balance in the v.2.

After that, Sundown Audio borrowed the new frame, aluminum surround clamps, and aluminum vent rings that we created for the U-Series to further enhance the SA's performance and reliability. You can think of it as the little brother of the U Series at this point.

If you still prefer the original, legendary SA series, we have re-launched it as the "Classic" and it will be produced in tens and twelves.


This 18-inch model features a larger motor than the SA-10/12/15 v2 at a full 205mm diameter and a 60mm magnet stack height. The top plate is also thicker in order to more effectively move the higher mass 18″ soft parts. It has a large 234mm diameter spider pack for very high mechanical stroke capacity. It utilizes the same 2.75″ coil as the other SA v.2 series for a 1000-watt RMS power rating.


List of upgrades compared to the v1 SA series (Rev.1,2,3):

1) Magnet outer diameter increased from 180mm to 190mm

2) Magnet slugs increased from 25mm to 27mm in height (total 4mm more height)

3) Motor structure fully bolted together with 3x M6 bolts (eliminates the possibility of motor shifting)

4) Top-Plate “Slits” implemented as with the X and Z series. Increased cooling & reduced distortion.

5) Improved gap venting — more / flared gap vents.

6) Improve pole-vent design — smoothly flared on both sides.

7) Coil increased from 63.5mm (2.5″) to 70mm (2.75″) in diameter. Higher thermal capacity.

8) New “U series” style cast-aluminum frame for taller cones (more x-mech both top-side from cone to spider and bottom from spider to top plate)

9) Aluminum cast gasket to bolt-on surround.

10) Aluminum cast vent ring to enhance thermal transfer from the motor to the frame.

11) Standard with double “XL” leads and “bolted-on” spider

12) Larger and thicker surround (same tooling as U series).

13) Strongest paper cones we have ever produced… new two-piece mold technique.

14) “Large Flange” dust cap just like our larger woofers. Essentially eliminates dust-cap glue failure.

15) Larger spider diameter on the 12/15″ models (the 10″ retains the same 188mm spider)… 12″ up to ~200mm and 15″ up to ~210mm

16) Improved spider material for longer life.


Warranty Information

Sundown Audio requires us to send customers with equipment problems directly to them for all warranty and non-warranty claims. Please follow their proceedures..


Sundown Audio RMA form:

Sundown Audio Product Warranty Information:


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  • 5
    Great Sub!

    Posted by Stephen Smith on May 15th 2022

    These are a great sub! I bought them when I needed to upgrade from my Vegapro 12s. They beat pretty hard and are very clean.

  • 5
    12 inch subs

    Posted by Terrus on Mar 2nd 2022

    Work and sound awesome

  • 5
    Amazing quality

    Posted by Pasquale Accettola on Jan 16th 2022

    I have had 3 of these speakers so far. I absolutely love them. Sundown is my #1 brand and down4sound is the best place to order all of your car audio!!! Don’t sleep on this website guys they give great deals and have amazing costumer support. Really treat me well and I will continue to spend all of my money here!!! Thanks JP for making peoples dreams a reality!!!!

  • 5
    So far amazing

    Posted by jason melanson on Dec 31st 2021

    Bought this sundown audio sa v2 12 to replace my rockford fosgate t1 12 and so found it sounds amazing. Im new to the brand ive ran kicker L7 subs for years and the q class L7 12s and im already impressed and just hooked it up to a rockford fosgate t1000.1. Shipping was fast and customer service was great highly recommend dealing with this company

  • 5
    SAv2 12s

    Posted by Stephen Smith on Dec 27th 2021

    I replaced my old subs with the SAv2 and they bump!

  • 5
    Sundown Sa V2

    Posted by James Jones on Jul 7th 2021

    Some of the best subs I’ve heard period, especially for the price. Only 12 I’ve heard come close is a $1000 DD, but I would gladly put these up against them. Have two hooked up to a JP23 and it shakes my whole Silverado. Not only is it loud, but very punchy, and quality is great. Shipping was very fast also!! Can’t go wrong !

  • 5
    Sundown Sa12

    Posted by Marquan on Mar 31st 2021

    Best sub ive have heard for the price! Definitely dont regret getting this thing.

  • 5
    Sundown 12

    Posted by John French on Jan 31st 2021

    Awesome product

  • 5
    Good Subs

    Posted by Derek Strickland on Dec 25th 2020

    I bought a pair of these subs and paired them with the sundown sfb 2k amp in my 13 ram 2500. They get loud and low. I think they can hand more power but the 2k does push them well enough for now. Shipping was fast and I received exactly what I ordered