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  • Sundown Audio SUNDOWN AUDIO SFB-5000D
  • Sundown Audio SUNDOWN AUDIO SFB-5000D
  • Sundown Audio SUNDOWN AUDIO SFB-5000D
  • Sundown Audio SUNDOWN AUDIO SFB-5000D
  • Sundown Audio SUNDOWN AUDIO SFB-5000D
  • Sundown Audio SUNDOWN AUDIO SFB-5000D
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Sundown Audio SFB-5000D : 5000w RMS @ 1 OHM

    • Digital Class-D Mono Block Amplifier
    • Dual MOS-FET PWM Power Supply
    • 1 Ohm Stable Load
    • 12 dB/Octave – Variable Low Pass Filter
    • 12 dB/Octave – Variable High Pass Filter
    • 9 dB/Octave – Variable Bass Boost
    • 4 Way Protection Ciruit (Thermal, Voltage, Speaker Short, DC Offset)
    • Wired Remote Control with Clipping Indicator


    SPECIFICATIONS (Tested @ 14.4v)  
    1 ohm Mono RMS 5000W
    2 ohm Mono RMS 3200W
    4 ohm Mono RMS 2200W
    Recommended Fuse Rating 220A x 2
    Low Pass Filter (Variable) 80Hz-20kHz
    High Pass Filter (Variable) 15Hz-80Hz
    Bass Boost @ 50Hz 0-12dB
    Input Sensitivity 5V Max
    S/N Ratio 100dB
    Working Voltage 10.5v-15.5v
    Dimensions 9.00″ x 11.50″ x 2.75″
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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Sundown Audio requires us to send customers with equipment problems directly to them for all warranty and non-warranty claims. Please follow their proceedures..


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41 Reviews

  • 1
    Letdown Audio

    Posted by Landon Sims on Jan 11, 2023

    Dont even waste your time buying this amp didnt even make it one song perfect 12v and ground connections on both inputs cut out mid song not even 1/4 gain now constant pwr and clip light multiple reviews on here and facebook have the same probs they are made from china anyway so i should have known better dont buy this junk Skar is better than this

  • 1
    Sfb 5k

    Posted by Thomson Khamvongsa on Dec 03, 2022

    I need to send this amp back, it literally burnt out on me yesterday. I went to install it played for about 10 minute started my tuning and adjustments and one side of the amp jus started sparking. Turned the truck off 2 check and nothin was touching . Double checked EVERYTHING and everything was fine. Installed another amp I had and it was fine

  • 5

    Posted by D Yates on Nov 23, 2022

    3rd one of thes ive bought and they always do me right

  • 5
    Sundown sub 5000

    Posted by Cameron Hil on Oct 10, 2022

    I’m highly impressed by the power this amp puts out. I’m running 2 15’s vfx’s and with the gain at quarter turn it knocks pictures off the wall. I love sundown audio. I’m looking forward to purchasing a 4 channel amp soon…

  • 1
    Sundown should be called letdown audio

    Posted by Jerry Wade on Aug 14, 2022

    This is the worst amp I ever owned. This amp lasted 5 seconds before the clip light came on and no sound. The amp wasn't warm and I get nothing, I unhooked by subs still no sound and clip light is on. What a waste of time spending upgrading all the wire to 2/0 sky high wire, 320 alt and two DFS lithium batteries. When I get it back from warranty I will sell it and take the loss. I would rather own a flee market amp that this don't buy

  • 5
    More power!

    Posted by Leonza Nadal on Jul 28, 2022

    I bought this to power two u12’s upgrading from a 3k and it made a major difference! Previously I metered a 140 and now I’m at 147 ! Giving these subs what they needed!

  • 5

    Posted by Aye Dot Jay on Mar 21, 2022

    My brother bought the 8k and it is an abuse beast of an amp, so I decided to but the 5k. It's an amazing amp. I'd always wanted to order from D4S so I contacted them directly before purchasing and the customer service was great. They're very nice and knowledgeable. I'll be ordering from D4S in the future.

  • 5
    This amp is a beast

    Posted by Hector Cantu on Mar 15, 2022

    Love it

  • 5
    Good Buying experience

    Posted by K on Jan 25, 2022

    Still waiting on a box so i cannot leave a product review just yet, however i know this will be complete overkill along with dual battery, mechman 400a - for a couple q class 8's that were previously purchased. really just wanted plenty of headroom and have options down the road. only downfall is the $100 price drop just a few days after purchase, but murphys law i suppose! Faaaaast shipping, included swag, and the personal touches on the recipt set this place apart though! thanks jp, and down4sound crew, ill be back for sure.

  • 5

    Posted by Carlos Gonzales on Dec 18, 2021

    This amp is a BEAST! JP and D4S are the best in the business! I wouldn’t buy from anyone else! Thank you for signing my amp! Have a blessed and merry Christmas!

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