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Sundown Audio U8 D2 Subwoofer:

The Sundown Audio, U series 8-inch Dual 2 Ohm Subwoofer Down4Sounds Top Pick for 8's. The Sundown U8 is a conserve rating at 600 watts of power; these subwoofers can take the heat; they are also very musical and built like a tank. The Sundown U8 is fully capable of hitting both DEEP and Punchy Bass, The U 8 sub is one investment you thank yourself for buying at Down4Sound!

We start with a double-stacked / 8.66” wide Y35 grade ferrite magnet system coupled to a one-piece, bumped T-Yoke and a 0.6” thick top-plate. Just as with the Z v.3 before it and our other high-end subwoofers we also add a very thick (5mm thickness) aluminum shorting ring inside the magnets to reduce static inductance and level out inductance over stroke. The U series motor also features a 0.6” long pole-extension to keep the coil under control at high levels of excursion.

The voice coil is a 2.36” long / 3” diameter 4-layer aluminum winding / aluminum former unit – which is the same coil we use in our X v.2 series and, thus, the U series has the same 1500-watt RMS ratings. The coil temperature is kept in check by a heavily smoothed / high-velocity pole-vent and a series of ten direct air-gap vents in the back plate. The U series also features newly tooled cast aluminum vent rings in between the frame and top plate to effectively exchange air at a high velocity over the voice coil beneath the spider landing.

The U series features an all-new cast aluminum frame series to the Sundown line which allows for taller cones than the older frames used on the Z v.3 series. The taller cones provide enhanced coil stability and increased mechanical excursion capability. We also tooled matching cast-aluminum surround clamps for the U series to ensure durability in the most demanding situations. The surrounds and cone bodies have been fully custom tooled especially for the U series and are stronger / support more excursion than the Z v.3 series cones and surrounds. The new cone bodies also feature an indentation for the same wide-flange, ultra-strong dust caps as our new platform subwoofers.

If you are looking for a woofer that sounds similar to the SA series but handles significantly more power… the U series is exactly what you need. It has been designed to live up to the reputation earned by our Z v.3 series both in terms of every-day music enjoyment and SPL competition


Sundown U-8 D2 T/S Parameters
Re:   6.1228 Ohms
Fs:   52.7160 Hz
Zmax:   40.0810 Ohms
Qes:   0.6072
Qms:   3.3675
Qts:   0.5144
Le:   5.4104 mH (at 1 kHz)
Diam:   165.1000 mm (6.5 in)
Sd:   21408.3884 mm^2 (33.1831 in^2)
Vas:   2.9629 L
BL:   25.8651 N/A
Mms:   200.2935 g
Cms:   45.5082 uM/N
Kms:   21974.0859 N/M
Rms:   19.7008 R mechanical
Efficiency:   0.0672 %
Sensitivity:   80.2899 dB @1w/1m
Sensitivity:   81.4513 dB @2.82vrms/1m
Krm:   2.912E-03 Ohms
Erm:   1.001E+00
Kxm:   63.818E-03 Henries
Exm:   719.614E-03