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SUNDOWN AUDIO X Series v.3 12" (2000-watts) -DVC-1OHM

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  • Sundown Audio SUNDOWN AUDIO X Series v.3 12 2000-watts -DVC-1OHM
  • Sundown Audio SUNDOWN AUDIO X Series v.3 12 2000-watts -DVC-1OHM
MSRP: $779.99
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The Sundown Audio X12 v3 D1 has a bigger motor and graduates to the Zv5 coil. So also more linear Xmax. Which Means More output and less distortion and more power handling vs. the Sundown Audio X12 v2 D1 -- the X12 v3 is like 85% of a Z v5 . with these upgrades; sundown audio has added 500 more watts to the power handling making it one of the most potent 12-inch subwoofers in the world, that also sounds good. 

Sundown X12 Version 3 Dual 1 ohm:

  • Power Handling: 2000w rms
  • Sealed: not recommended
  • Ported: 2.50 Cubic Feet
  • Displacement: 0.20 Cubic Feet
  • Depth: 9.67 Inches
  • Outside Diameter: 12.68 Inches
  • Cut-Out: 11.09 Inches
  • Recommended Tuning: 32hz
  • Recommended Port Area: 40 Square inches
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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Sundown Audio requires us to send customers with equipment problems directly to them for all warranty and non-warranty claims. Please follow their proceedures..


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25 Reviews

  • 5

    Sundown xv3 12s

    Posted by Cecil Wayne Jones on Jul 25, 2022


  • 5

    Great subwoofer worth the money

    Posted by Cecil Wayne Jones on Jun 26, 2022

    Great sound all the way around can handle a lot of power very underrated

  • 5

    Two 12inch subwoofers

    Posted by Cecil Wayne Jones on Jun 26, 2022

    Great sound all the way around can handle a lot of power very underrated

  • 5


    Posted by edwin Dominguez on May 05, 2022

    Best sub I’ve ever bought use to have some kicker 12 and I thought I had the best but then I bought these and I was nowhere near

  • 5

    Best sub I've ever owned

    Posted by Scott Wright on Jan 26, 2022

    Beefier sub I've ever had! Moving up from Skar EVL's, its a huge upgrade! Although UPS dropped one off a dolly in my driveway, it was packed well and wasn't damaged. At 70lbs each, they deff need packed well so I was happy to see that! My first D4S order and I'm happy. I'll order from them again.

  • 5

    Ima say its a beautiful sub and 5star

    Posted by Timothy Lacey on Jan 24, 2022

    Ill tell you I think these are the best subs i ever purchased and ima say even though i never heard them play yet I still know what they can do i never heard them play yet cause I decided last min that I should’ve gone with 15s or 18s and thats not usually my thing to.I am and always will be a 12hitta I always picked 12s or 15s18sand 10s any day but was like if im going for sundown subs I might as well go for what they are for and 18s flex everything and move air same as 15s 12s are best quality in my opinion but im trying out the sundowns i might not wanna ever buy another brand of subwoofer ever again lmfao. Ill forsure put my review on the subs I receive soon . Thanks d4s

  • 5


    Posted by Dion Bowman on Nov 25, 2021

    The Xv3 is a musical and low end masterpiece. Very well calibrated sub between motor force and suspension stiffness. Honestly a gem of a driver.

  • 5

    Amazing is short of what these really are.

    Posted by Devin Parker on Nov 22, 2021

    Currently running 2 of these in the d4s pro fab box temporarily until my new box is finished, and only on a taramps bass 3k so really underpowered, but still hit hard and move some serious air. Can't wait to get my new box and Amp to really see what these behemoths of subs can really do.

  • 5

    Dez things are a beast

    Posted by RICCO BAKER on Oct 17, 2021

    Love dez subs Dey ain’t no joke hit low hard and loud da best subs I Eva had untouchable

  • 5

    Awesome sub

    Posted by Kodakk Williams on Oct 09, 2021

    This subwoofer is a monster Behemoth of a speaker if you're on the fence just go ahead and purchase I have to on a 5000 watt sfb

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