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  • Sundown Audio - Dual SA Classic Series 12 inch Ported Subwoofer Bass Package 2000W
  • Sundown Audio - Dual SA Classic Series 12 inch Ported Subwoofer Bass Package 2000W
  • Sundown Audio - Dual SA Classic Series 12 inch Ported Subwoofer Bass Package 2000W
  • Sundown Audio - Dual SA Classic Series 12 inch Ported Subwoofer Bass Package 2000W
MSRP: $799.99
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Sundown Audio SA 12 Dual (2) LOADED VENTED (Ported) ENCLOSURE v2

Introducing the SUNDOWN SA12 LOAD ENCLOSURE v2 - voted by customers as one of the  bass packages on the market today. This powerhouse is loaded with two SA Series 12" CLASSIC subwoofers from Sundown Audio, and comes with a built-to-spec sub box that is ported to 31 Hz to 32Hz* . RATED AT 2000W RMS is what we are rating this setup for - so you know it's gonna pack a serious punch. This enclosure is designed by Bassahaulic Productions and made by Down4sound. It's made from Canadian MDF and has a rugged Bedliner texture exterior for protection. The 45-degree corners were installed for optimum output from the subwoofer to the enclosure.  So if you're looking for thunderous, earth-shaking bass, look no further than the SUNDOWN SA12 LOADED ENCLOSURE.

Sundown Audio's new and improved v2 Bass package, featuring 2 - Dual 4 ohm Sundown Audio SA Classic 12's, 1 - Dual 12 ProFAB, 16FT D4S 14G  Speaker Wire, and Screws to install them.

  • 1 ohm at the terminal
  • 2 - Dual 4 ohm 12" Sundown Audio Sa Classic Series (750w rms each) Subwoofers
  • Dual 12" D4S PRoFab Sub Box 
  • 2 x Poly Bedliner Coated
  • Tuned to 32 Hz
  • Built To Bang
  • Built Durable
  • Built To Spec
  • Measurements - L x W x H: 32.5 x 20 x 16 inches
  • Weight - 120 pounds ( once fully assembled)

This version of the Sundown SA 12 v2 Bass Package will arrive to you in pieces. AS IN 2 SA CLASSIC subs, followed by an enclosure, wire, and screws. You will be required to load and wire the subwoofers at the terminal.  

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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

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18 Reviews

  • 5


    Posted by paul wenzel on Jun 11, 2022

    It’s slamming. I’m running the 2300 on them and it sounds badass. I’m going to play with this for about a year then I’m getting two more. I’ve bought 3 amps and this and it’s all top notch. Worth every penny. You can get something else but don’t waste your money. Thanks JP, keep rocking.

  • 5

    Beating the Block Down

    Posted by Jeffrey Daniel on May 02, 2022

    10 thumbs up

  • 5

    Sundown subs and down for sound box

    Posted by Weldon C. on Apr 03, 2022

    This combination of subs and box hit hard. I would buy it again. They arrived within a week.

  • 5

    Highly recommended

    Posted by Brad Lynn on Mar 31, 2022

    Definitely worth the money The profab box is well-built definitely best prebuilt box subs came well packaged all hardware to install speakers in box running a JP23 amp JP signed both subs and the box and amp Worth the extra money couldn’t be happier thanks JP

  • 5


    Posted by Travis Jacobs on Mar 19, 2022

    Hits great, nicest prefab box I've ever heard. Very happy with this set up. Only downside was the subs didn't fit in the enclosure. The holes were filled with the rubber spray so had to sand a decent amount of material for subs to fit. But I wasn't mad just got the job done. JP is awesome and everyone knows it!

  • 4

    Bass package

    Posted by Josh on Mar 15, 2022

    Overall the subs & amp have been amazing. Everything I needed was included, minus the power & ground wiring. The only 2 complaints or things I found to be annoying were - the cutout for the sub was a little smaller than needed. Not a huge deal. Assuming it was due to the coating on the enclosure. It definitely took some unnecessary force to get em in. - secondly, the package is mislabeled on the website. It claims to be a 2k bass package when in reality it is not. I should have read more into the description. For what these subs are they were definitely worth the little bit of money I spent. I plan on grabbing a set of door speakers to slap in the ol’ shitbox (‘17 Malibu) in the near future & will be going with more sundown products. Great job! Overall satisfied with my purchase!

  • 5

    Worth Every Penny, Some Assembly Required

    Posted by Joshua Curry on Mar 07, 2022

    Had to get this during the sale, minus the cost of the subs it was a steal for the box included. The cutouts in the enclosure did get hit with bedliner, minor inconvenience, and hour with some 80 girt and the subs fit perfect. I upgraded from 2 SVR 12s, the SAs out of the box spoke for themselves beside a SVR. I paired them with my RP1500, retuned everything for safe measure and WOW. My old setup was loud, rattled, the whole nine. But it did NOT hit lows like this. I've never had the resources to build a box or the money for a custom box, Gately, etc. and if you relate, THIS is the only prefab you should consider, bundle or not. As of now though you'd be crazy to overlook this deal. I just cant wait till they break in fully.

  • 5

    Killer deal and product

    Posted by Justin Shockley on Feb 14, 2022

    Just received this loaded profab bundle, I'm still breaking them in but man, already I'm so freaking happy with this purchase. My first big boy upgrade from my 600 watt rms kenwoods.

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