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NOTE: Initial pricing is of amp only until you select your sub size and it will be calculated accordingly




1- Sundown SIA-2500 Amplifier

1- Sundown X v3 Series D2 sub (pick sub size 10”,12”,15” OR 18" )

1- Free Down4sound 0g Cca amp kit (upgrade to OFC FOR HALF PRICE)




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20 Reviews

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    Fastest shipping, best price

    I personally ordered this package on a weekend, expecting it to come in about a week but my subwoofer and amp ended up coming 3 days sooner than the amazon order i placed on the same day. I gave down4sound a call with a question i had about my order and got the best customer service as well. the customer service representative was friendly, easy going, and very understanding. As always with the down4sound difference i know i got the best price, fastest shipping and the customer service was great.

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    Single 15 in x v3 package

    Very fast shipping and seller . Forst sundown sub for me but im a fan for sure will be adding to the system soon lol. Great experience at all angles

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    Everything was as said to be. Made my own box sounds awesome. The only thing was tried to call tech support about my Amp. Left voice mail. Never heard anything from anyone. Other than that I would highly recommend this system to anyone

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    I had to upgrade to the DC2.0 amp as the Sundown was out of stock at the time and was in a rush to get it. I’ll tell you 2 years later this is still beating my Silverado to death. I built my own box 1.5” thick tuned to 43hz and uses 1/3 of my back seat in a extended cab firing up to the roof. Couldn’t have been happier. Thanks JP

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    Loud setup.

    Order the x15 box from sonix. Used the wiring that came with it. Was enough to run in an Excursion. Amp was ran under drivers side 3rd row seat. For the price, the bass is ridiculous. Wanted to go jl w7 13.5 but this setup is about $2k less and f*ckin beats. Would recommend to anyone who wants to hit low. Very very satisfied. And will order from down4sound again. Quick shipping, everything well packaged, even their wiring kit. A+++

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    Fuse holder

    Everything is good other than the wire doesn't fit in the fuse holder.

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    Real Talk

    Honestly. Got the packages and it barley took a day to set it all up. Just looked at the specs for a box on the website and that was a huge help. Built the box before hand. Got everything mounted up in less then 3 hours and was blown away by the performance right out the gate. Thank you to all the help and support from the staff. Best deal on the market for a bumping setup.

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    havent got it hooked up yet but fast shipping thanks <3

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    Sundown X12 Package

    Very power hungry. Got this bad boy in a birch box tuned to 30hz, 2 Agm duralast batteries front and back, big 3 upgrade, and Stock alternator. Sub is in the back seat of a 2014 Honda Lx sedan. This single X12 can hit some serious lows. Might have to upgrade to bigger Amp and Alt. Only thing is Sfb 2000d starting to clip when fully turnt up. Other than that awesome package. Very fast shipping as well. Thank you Jp! Sundown ftw

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    Fast shipping

    Very fast shipping!!! I'm jus waiting for a few more things I ordered then will do the hook up . Cant wait to give a review on it !

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