Down4sound PRO-FAB v2 12 | 1 12 Sub Box | Single 12-Inch KERF Port Subwoofer Enclosure Box

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Single- BB-Kerf 12 Team D4S BOX
  • Down4Sound 1 - 12 Team D4S BIRCH PRO-FAB v2 KERF-Port Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Down4Sound 1 - 12 Team D4S BIRCH PRO-FAB v2 KERF-Port Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Down4Sound 1 - 12 Team D4S BIRCH PRO-FAB v2 KERF-Port Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Down4Sound 1 - 12 Team D4S BIRCH PRO-FAB v2 KERF-Port Subwoofer Enclosure
MSRP: $399.99
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Single 12 Inch KERF-Port Sub Box Enclosure - Down4sound PRO-FAB V2 KERF 1-12 

NEW v2 Prefab aka PROFAB single 12 kerf ported sub box enclosure is made from top-of-the-line materials that are designed to withstand even the most intense vibrations and frequencies. The birch wood construction and double baffling ensure that your subwoofer is mounted securely and safely, while the thick 4x poly-armor coating adds an extra layer of protection against scratches, dings, and other types of damage.

Upgraded terminal cup, Unmatched Power and Performance With a maximum pure power rating of 2,500 watts, our PROFAB V2 KERF PORT subwoofer enclosure is capable of delivering some serious bass. Whether you're listening to music, demoing, or just on a long drive jamming, our subwoofer enclosure will provide you with the deep, rich sound that you've been missing. Version 2's Terminal Cup is square and is made from strong ABS plastic and grade 8 nuts and bolts, so you can be sure that your subwoofer is securely attached to the enclosure at all times.

Perfect Fit for Most Subwoofers Our KERF ported box is designed to handle most beginner through intermediate subwoofers up to 45 pounds each with no problems, including the Sundown subwoofers up to the U series. However, some subs may require sanding or widening of the hole cutout to fit, so be sure to check the measurements of your sub and the hole cutout before making a purchase.

  • L x W x H: 22.5 x 17 x 15 INCHES
  • Hole Cut Out: 10 7/8"
  • Tuning frequency based off actual port: 32.75Hz
  • Net size, after displacements, 1.82 Cubes

WILL NOT WORK FOR SUNDOWN X, ZV , NS OR TEAM SERIES SUBS. The cutout is to small, the airspace is to small and the box is not heavy duty enough for those monstrous / ultra powerful subwoofers.



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4 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Shawn Weldon on Jun 01, 2023

    Love it

  • 5
    Really great sounding box

    Posted by Michael Engles on Mar 07, 2023

    This box looks and sounds great. Much much better than your average Amazon prefab box, and not much more expensive. Worth every penny

  • 5
    Pro Fab V2

    Posted by Rekrap on Nov 24, 2022

    Good wood , lightweight and strong I like the finish on it too - solid low tuned box sounds awesome. Only downside is you have to cut the cutout bigger for most subs. The V1 had a bigger cutout - that’s the only downside - otherwise ya, it’s a double baffle low tuned kerf port that sounds phenomenal with the right sub! I have an ssa zcon 12 in it and it absolutely murders my Tahoe on 1800w. Buy it!

  • 5
    Kerf-Port Box single 12"

    Posted by Matt M. on Sep 29, 2022

    What a nice Birch box. The construction is great. The sound is amazing. Tuned property. I put wood sinkers with screws since I don't want to damage or strip the wood.

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