Down4sound USCMR-654 | 6.5 INCH MIDRANGE SPEAKER | 4 OHM | 175W RMS - EACH

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  • Down4Sound Down4sound USCMR-654  | 6.5 INCH MIDRANGE SPEAKER | 4 OHM | 175W RMS - EACH
  • Down4Sound Down4sound USCMR-654  | 6.5 INCH MIDRANGE SPEAKER | 4 OHM | 175W RMS - EACH
  • Down4Sound Down4sound USCMR-654  | 6.5 INCH MIDRANGE SPEAKER | 4 OHM | 175W RMS - EACH
  • Down4Sound Down4sound USCMR-654  | 6.5 INCH MIDRANGE SPEAKER | 4 OHM | 175W RMS - EACH
MSRP: лв121,36
— You save лв69,36



Down4Sound USCMR-654 a 6.5 Inch Midrange Car Speaker | Sold Individually (each) | 175 Watt EACH SPEAKER, 4 Ohm Pro Audio | Premium Quality Sound thats MORE loud & Clear | For Truck, Sedan, SUV.


  • MORE CLEAR, LOUD SOUND: Our USCMR 65's is a 6.5-inch car speaker designed to produce crisp and powerful sound; the USCMR-65 delivers MORE POWER HANDLING but also way Clearer as a 6.5 MIDRANGE! , this 6.5" mid-range loudspeaker has 175W RMS, 97 dB sensitivity, ferrite magnet, 1.5" size voice coil with a frequency range of 100 Hz – 10,000 Hz, and single, ON A SVC 4 Ohm voice coil impedance. 
  • MORE SUPERIOR CAR AUDIO UPGRADE: If you're still using the same old factory stereo speakers OR wanting MORE to upgrade your sound AFFORDABLY, get ready to be amazed by what THE DOWN4SOUND DIFFERENCE IS with this 6.5 masterpiece! We made ARGUABLY & PROBABLY THE best bang for the buck 6.5 MIDRANGE SPEAKER with this single speaker without compromising quality areas that matter for this purpose. The main difference between OEM, & OR ANY OLD SPEAKERS NEEDING REPLACEMENT, IS THE Down4Sound USCMR-654 door speakers have more sound, like night and day differences. CLEAN AND CLEAR WITH DYNAMIC AND SMOOTH SOUND REPRODUCTION is where it's at with correct power handling! We truly set out to make these excellent and affordable for your vehicle.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: We use high-quality materials and manufacture affordable 6.5 speakers precisely to ensure they sound great and will last for years, even when used daily. We made these with a premium-grade paper cone, which has been thoroughly tested to work perfectly together to last a long time.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Our USCMR65's car speakers 6.5 comes with the same size GOLD spade connectors for an ease of mind installation process; being the same size means less time to find the dreaded another size connector. These are universal 6.5-inch car speakers and most likely will work in a vehicle with 6.5" OEM or custom doors with 6.5 speakers that need to be replaced. These fit into most doors with very little to no modification.

At Down4Sound, we know that you want to be confident in your purchase of our 6.5 inch pro audio door speaker, and we will do everything possible to provide you with the best listening experience at a very affordable price point.


  • Size :6.5"
  • Type : Mid-Range Loudspeaker
  • RMS Power :175 Watts each
  • Sensitivity :97 dB
  • Sold Individually
  • Magnet Material : Ferrite
  • Voice Coil Size :1.5”
  • Frequency Response 100 Hz - 10KHz
  • Voice Coil Impedance Single 4 Ω


  • Overall : 6.6 inch
  • Bolt to Bolt Cutout: 6.2 inch
  • Cutout: 5.9 inch
  • Depth: 3.0 inch


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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Your new Down4Sound product is covered by 1 limited warranty if purchased from Down4Sound or an authorized Down4Sound dealer. This warranty does not cover improper installation, accidental damage, misuse, abuse, improper wiring, operation of unit outside of listed specifications, or any product that has been modified or repaired by anyone other than Down4Sound. Your warranty covers defects in materials and/or workmanship ONLY and is not an insurance policy. The warranty only covers the original owner of the amplifier.

All warranty returns must be accompanied by the original sales invoice or receipt. You must contact us to request an RMA number prior to sending any returns via the RMA request form on our website. You are responsible for the cost of shipping your product back to us for warranty examination. If your product is covered under warranty, shipping back to you will be at no charge to you – if your product is replaced/repaired outside of warranty you must pay for return shipping and repair bill prior returning of the product or if no defect is found you are required to pay for return shipping only.

At the sole discretion of Down4Sound your product will be either repaired or replaced when it is being covered under warranty. In the event of shipping damage due to improper packaging on products being returned to Down4Sound the customer is liable for the cost of all damages, necessary repairs, or replacement. Be sure to properly pack your return!

*  Extended additional warranty purchased on amplifiers take in affect from the date of purchase and must also be stated on orginal sales invoice or receipt. 



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14 Reviews

  • 2


    Posted by John on May 11, 2024

    Okay speaker for the price. Had two go out just after the warranty period no help from customer service but for $30 can't expect much. Ran on a skar rp75.4 at 125w. For budget speakers ds18 red tips are my go to now

  • 3

    Average speakers

    Posted by Vincent Stevens on Apr 26, 2024

    I’ve been running these for about 6ish months, only put maybe 50watts to them on average, I just put them to 100w and wasn’t even running full power and it blew within about 15 seconds, they’re definitely not 175w rms maybeeeee 50W rms, sound quality at 40-50w sounds ok but not good for mid bass, more like high, granted it’s a cheap speaker they just don’t run the power they’re supposed to

  • 3

    Speakers Blew after 2 weeks?

    Posted by devin cook on Apr 13, 2024

    Speakers sound amazing, I powered them at 150 watts, which they’re rated for 175 so I figured no issue, but out of the 4 speakers only one single speaker blew, the rest are still perfect and fine, but only a single one blew, I’m gonna guess I got the not so good batch, other than that speakers are amazing or the price

  • 1

    Damaged when arrived

    Posted by Marty on Mar 07, 2024

    Ordered 8 speakers and 5 of the 8 were damaged . They tried to blame the shipping company but how does a metal speaker get destroyed and yet the shipping box and product box is perfect . The box the speaker comes in is paper thin and there was no damage . That tells you they do not inspect product before shipping out . I complained and they sent me a email stating they inspect every item before shipment . There is no way they did on my order . And if you don’t buy the route protection good luck getting a replacement .

  • 3

    Good speakers bad packaging

    Posted by Anthony on Mar 02, 2024

    The speakers sound amazing and I got lucky they’re in one piece. The box that they are shipped in is barely even a corrugated box it’s so weak and flimsy the box was bent and crushed on all ends. It is so thin a toddler can crush it so I can’t even be mad at ship company. upon opening the box the speakers were in boxes that one of the 4 had came apart but thankfully the speaker wasn’t damaged. Please use better boxes to ship things not whatever mine was shipped in.

  • 5

    Unbelievable budget sound.

    Posted by Wayne Runyan jr on Jan 27, 2024

    Anyone looking for loud and clean budget mids that can handle the power look no further. I ran Skar FSX for years and I couldn't believe the difference. I had to turn my gains down and I'm still louder than I was. I was also able to turn my High Pass down as I had to have it set at over 200 on the Skar FSXs' or they would get horrible distortion. Awesome budget speakers.

  • 5

    Super clean and loud

    Posted by David on Nov 13, 2023

    I replaced 4 Skar 6.5 mids for these, and all I can say is WOW!! There is no comparing the 2, night as well have been using tin cans before. I have 220 watts per channel going to these and 4 Orion Cobalt Neo tweets, the mods and mid bass came so alive I had to go in to my DSP and turn down several frequencies so I wasn’t getting run out of my Escape. These are so clean I can hear nuances in my music that I honestly didn’t know were even there. The mid bass is so good now I need t get more sound deadening so my door panels don’t vibrate. These are beyond top notch and when I get my next ride and can upgrade to the 8 inch version hands down going too. Grab these babies and give them some juice to set them free. I had one come that lasted about 3 minutes and the voice coil went at only 10 on my volume and DVS made sure I was taken care of in only 2 days, great service from these folks as well. Thank you JP and DVS, made a lifetime customer here.

  • 5


    Posted by Justin Bell on Sep 06, 2023

    I would like to leave this review for the representative that helped me to get my replacements. He was very friendly and answered all my questions. I would like to leave a very positive review and thank you for reaching out to me as fast as you did not a lot of websites or companies actually sit take time to read each individuals review, I’m glad you guys did I want to thank you very much and I hope you have a nice day. I will be referring on my audio message to everybody else that I’ve done audio with great customer service. I look forward to doing more and more business with you thank you and have a great day .

  • 3


    Posted by Justin Bell on Sep 06, 2023

    They sounded good and everything when I first got them home professionally installed use the DD1 and a voltmeter at everything tune perfectly and two of them work for about four days in the boys clothes went out. Yeah I love them. Don’t get me wrong. They sounded good. But now I gotta replace them and I still gotta pay on my lease for them and I know it’s not covered under the warranty cover they might’ve been clipped.

  • 5


    Posted by Glenn macpherson on Jan 31, 2023

    Lovely sounding 6.5 speakers.great power handling.

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