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Sundown Audio U8 D4 Subwoofer:

The Sundown Audio, U series 8-inch Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer Down4Sounds Top Pick for 8's. The Sundown U8 is a conserve rating at 600 watts of power; these subwoofers can take the heat; they are also very musical and built like a tank. The Sundown U8 is fully capable of hitting both DEEP and Punchy Bass, The U 8 sub is one investment you thank yourself for buying at Down4Sound!

We start with a double-stacked / 8.66” wide Y35 grade ferrite magnet system coupled to a one-piece, bumped T-Yoke and a 0.6” thick top-plate. Just as with the Z v.3 before it and our other high-end subwoofers we also add a very thick (5mm thickness) aluminum shorting ring inside the magnets to reduce static inductance and level out inductance over stroke. The U series motor also features a 0.6” long pole-extension to keep the coil under control at high levels of excursion.

The voice coil is a 2.36” long / 3” diameter 4-layer aluminum winding / aluminum former unit – which is the same coil we use in our X v.2 series and, thus, the U series has the same 1500-watt RMS ratings. The coil temperature is kept in check by a heavily smoothed / high-velocity pole-vent and a series of ten direct air-gap vents in the back plate. The U series also features newly tooled cast aluminum vent rings in between the frame and top plate to effectively exchange air at a high velocity over the voice coil beneath the spider landing.

The U series features an all-new cast aluminum frame series to the Sundown line which allows for taller cones than the older frames used on the Z v.3 series. The taller cones provide enhanced coil stability and increased mechanical excursion capability. We also tooled matching cast-aluminum surround clamps for the U series to ensure durability in the most demanding situations. The surrounds and cone bodies have been fully custom tooled especially for the U series and are stronger / support more excursion than the Z v.3 series cones and surrounds. The new cone bodies also feature an indentation for the same wide-flange, ultra-strong dust caps as our new platform subwoofers.

If you are looking for a woofer that sounds similar to the SA series but handles significantly more power… the U series is exactly what you need. It has been designed to live up to the reputation earned by our Z v.3 series both in terms of every-day music enjoyment and SPL competition


Sundown U-8 D4 T/S Parameters
Re:   6.1228 Ohms
Fs:   52.7160 Hz
Zmax:   40.0810 Ohms
Qes:   0.6072
Qms:   3.3675
Qts:   0.5144
Le:   5.4104 mH (at 1 kHz)
Diam:   165.1000 mm (6.5 in)
Sd:   21408.3884 mm^2 (33.1831 in^2)
Vas:   2.9629 L
BL:   25.8651 N/A
Mms:   200.2935 g
Cms:   45.5082 uM/N
Kms:   21974.0859 N/M
Rms:   19.7008 R mechanical
Efficiency:   0.0672 %
Sensitivity:   80.2899 dB @1w/1m
Sensitivity:   81.4513 dB @2.82vrms/1m
Krm:   2.912E-03 Ohms
Erm:   1.001E+00
Kxm:   63.818E-03 Henries
Exm:   719.614E-03

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  • 5

    Posted by Bruce Cobb on Nov 25th 2021

    The U-8 series is most definitely a car shaker! I have 2 wired at 1ohm amped with a 1500 watt audiopipe. My boys thought I had 2 12's until I popped the trunk. Yeah 2 8's slappin'!!!

  • 5
    U-8 Sundown Audio

    Posted by Bruce Cobb on Nov 13th 2021

    Down 4 sounds is my go to dealer for sundown audio merchandise!!

  • 5
    Top notch service and delivery

    Posted by Keith P. on Oct 9th 2021

    The fastest delivery I’ve ever had when it comes to ordering. D4S was on top of it and kept me in the loop all the way to my door step. I’m definitely a repeat customer you can’t go wrong!!