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  • DOWN4SOUND JP33 TITANIUM | 3300W RMS Amplifier
  • DOWN4SOUND JP33 TITANIUM | 3300W RMS Amplifier
  • DOWN4SOUND JP33 TITANIUM | 3300W RMS Amplifier
  • DOWN4SOUND JP33 TITANIUM | 3300W RMS Amplifier
MSRP: $1,049.99
— You save $450.00


JP 33 Amplifier: 3300W PLUS RMS MONOBLOCK Amplifier | TITANIUM

Experience the epitome of superior audio performance with the JP-33, a monoblock amplifier that stands as a titan in the realm of sound amplification. Boasting a POWERFUL 3300 WATT RMS, this amplifier doesn’t just deliver power; it brings the big bass and monumental power, ensuring that your audio experience is nothing short of amazing; be sure to check out the JP33 amp dyno video in the videos tab!

Key Highlights:

  • Power Ratings: Tested at 14.4V @ 1% THD
    • 1-ohm rating: 3300 WATTS RMS
    • 2-ohm rating: 2300 WATTS RMS
    • 4-ohm rating: 1200 WATTS RMS
  • Color: TITANIUM

Essential Requirements:

  • Electrical Upgrade: A mandatory electrical upgrade is required for the warranty to be valid.
  • Supportive Components: BIG 3, upgraded alternator, and reserve battery(s) are essential to support this amplifier’s operation and any others that may or may not be in your car audio system configuration.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: 14Hz – 260Hz
  • Signal to Noise: 96dB
  • Damping Factor: 300 <
  • Input Sensitivity: 6V – 0.2V
  • Filters and Phase:
    • Subsonic Filter: 10Hz – 50Hz
    • Low Pass Filter: 35Hz – 250Hz
    • Phase: 0 – 180 degrees
  • Connectivity:
    • Strappable Connection
  • Fusing: 350A TOTAL | 175A each positive input (x2)
  • Dimensions: 13.8 INCHES (L) x 9.37 INCHES (W) x 2.63 INCHES (H)

Advanced Control:

  • Patent Pending BT Remote Control: Equipped with voltage and temperature display, and a clipping indicator.
  • Power Requirements for Remote: C type power connection required; external battery pack or USB power necessary as the unit does not have rechargeable batteries.
  • Strappable: The amplifier is linkable, allowing for the harnessing of double the power of another JP 33. 

Experience the ultimate in powerful sound with the JP-33 Amplifier, designed to redefine the boundaries of audio excellence with BIG BASS . Power up.

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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Your new Down4Sound product is covered by 1 limited warranty if purchased from Down4Sound or an authorized Down4Sound dealer. This warranty does not cover improper installation, accidental damage, misuse, abuse, improper wiring, operation of unit outside of listed specifications, or any product that has been modified or repaired by anyone other than Down4Sound. Your warranty covers defects in materials and/or workmanship ONLY and is not an insurance policy. The warranty only covers the original owner of the amplifier.

All warranty returns must be accompanied by the original sales invoice or receipt. You must contact us to request an RMA number prior to sending any returns via the RMA request form on our website. You are responsible for the cost of shipping your product back to us for warranty examination. If your product is covered under warranty, shipping back to you will be at no charge to you – if your product is replaced/repaired outside of warranty you must pay for return shipping and repair bill prior returning of the product or if no defect is found you are required to pay for return shipping only.

At the sole discretion of Down4Sound your product will be either repaired or replaced when it is being covered under warranty. In the event of shipping damage due to improper packaging on products being returned to Down4Sound the customer is liable for the cost of all damages, necessary repairs, or replacement. Be sure to properly pack your return!

*  Extended additional warranty purchased on amplifiers take in affect from the date of purchase and must also be stated on orginal sales invoice or receipt. 



Refund/Return Policy:


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19 Reviews

  • 5
    Big power for a small chassis

    Posted by Ben Holt on Aug 28, 2023

    For how small this thing is it puts out some power. 4/0 welding everywhere, 45ah of lithium and a 320 amp alt will run this thing at .5 all day no issues. Stunk up a fully upgraded DC XL15 on clean power multiple times(2x rated power does that). Still have as a backup, but upgraded to the monster of a JP63 to run 2 15s. D4S amps are killing it, only issue is the BT knob stopped controlling level. Fingers crossed the new metal version is more reliable.

  • 4

    Posted by wayne mcghee on Jun 17, 2023

    amp is a monster power of amp 2 times its cost however the bass knob stopped working less then a year old and to get it replaced you have to take whole sys out not jut knob agrivating to say least was gona buy 4 more of these but the bass knob showed me the prob with them no more bluetooth knobs for me and i realy do love the amp

  • 5

    Posted by Joseph Quiocho on Mar 27, 2023

    I love this amp the Battle ship is a savage beast, best amp i ever owned hands down

  • 4
    Don’t buy just for bass remote features

    Posted by Claymon Taylor on Mar 23, 2023

    I had my JP33 for hooked up for less than a week before the Bluetooth knob stopped connecting to the amp. I would’ve had to mail the amp back for who knows how long to fix it. It’s best not to use it anyway bc it reset when you cut the car off and doesn’t turn on automatically. I thought my subs were gonna blow first time I got back into the car without knowing it would be at max output. Now as for the amp itself, powerhouse! I’m running 2x Sundown U D1 @ .5 and zero gain. Still rattles the hell outta my hatchback

  • 5
    Battleship Galactica

    Posted by Mark Cage on Mar 16, 2023

    This amp is Beautiful and it's a Monster. It's hooked up to 2 12's right now, and it's killing them. I ordered a Incriminator Audio 21 inch sub to put it on. I'll provide another review after I receive the sub

  • 5

    Posted by tommy proffitt on Feb 02, 2023

    Running this on a SUNDOWN ZV6 12” at 2 OHM and it’s just pounds. Sound quality is top notch as well. Works amazing!

  • 5
    Solid Amp!

    Posted by Greg on Jan 04, 2023

    Ok so I haven’t used this amp yet but it’s a major piece of my upcoming build alteration. I’m currently waiting for my Excessive Amperage alternator and big 3 upgrade and my JP77 amp. I’m going to use these in my SQ/SPL build. I’m planning in running my 6 front and rear doors and two 8in subs off my JP77 and two 12’s off my JP33. Of course also utilizing my DSP. The amp is built very good and I have no doubt it’s going to be a beast! Top quality for sure! Fast shipping and great customer service and support!

  • 5
    D4S JP 33 battleship Jp40

    Posted by Jimmy pauley on Dec 08, 2022

    This amp is an straight madman. Hope the competition packed a hanky. The absolute Power ,quality, and Value of this amp & paired with the JP 40 LOOK OUT!Nobody comes close its D4s all damn day!! (one scar ZVX 12” V2 D1 on the battleship powered by a JP 40. Straight Jet fuel_on stilts. GET SOME!!

  • 5

    Posted by Travis R. on Sep 02, 2022

    Holy S#*! Battleship. This thing is a monster. Highly recommended upgrade. Perfect for the daily.

  • 5
    JP33 Bad to the bone

    Posted by Arturo Gunn on Aug 31, 2022


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