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A. Tracking data should be available within 24hrs. If no data display after this time use the "contact us" page and we'll look into it.

A. Yes, Its on our sharepoint. Click Me!

A. Sales@down4soundshop.com

A. Yes, we need to take time out of the shipment process to prepare the product for Johnathan to sign. Ie: unwrap, open box. This also affects Johnathan's schedule.

A. Scottie Johnson or Jacob Fuller, maybe Johnathan Price or some else. Who honestly really knows at this point. Although, according to Greg Corbin he hasn't sold D4S.

Customer started the checkout process but did not complete it. Incomplete orders are assigned a "Pending" status and can be found under the More tab in the View Orders screen.

Customer has completed the checkout process, but payment has yet to be confirmed. Authorize only transactions that are not yet captured have this status.

Customer has completed the checkout process and payment has been confirmed.

Order has been pulled and packaged and is awaiting collection from a shipping provider.

Order has been packaged and is awaiting customer pickup from a seller-specified location.

Only some items in the order have been shipped, due to some products being pre-order only or other reasons.

Order has been shipped/picked up, and receipt is confirmed; client has paid for their digital product, and their file(s) are available for download.

Order has been shipped, but receipt has not been confirmed; seller has used the Ship Items action. A listing of all orders with a "Shipped" status can be found under the More tab of the View Orders screen.

Seller has cancelled an order, due to a stock inconsistency or other reasons. Stock levels will automatically update depending on your Inventory Settings. Cancelling an order will not refund the order. This status is triggered automatically when an order using an authorize-only payment gateway is voided in the control panelmark before capturing payment.

Seller has marked the order as declined for lack of manual payment, or other reasons

Seller has used the Refund action. A listing of all orders with a "Refunded" status can be found under the More tab of the View Orders screen.

Customer has initiated a dispute resolution process for the PayPal transaction that paid for the order.

Order on hold while some aspect (e.g. tax-exempt documentation) needs to be manually confirmed. Orders with this status must be updated manually. Capturing funds or other order actions will not automatically update the status of an order marked Manual Verification Required.